Peace activist who beat homeless man gets probation 

Miller has at least three prior assault convictions and a fourth open assault case.

A peace activist beats a homeless man in St. Paul in August 2021. (Facebook/Minnesota Crime Watch)

A peace activist with a history of assault beat a homeless man last August and was sentenced to three years of probation Tuesday.

Brandon David Miller, 25, was captured on video Aug. 12 as he beat a homeless man at the Clarence Street Cub Foods in St. Paul. Miller was working for a nonprofit called “We Push for Peace,” which partnered with Cub Foods to serve as a security presence.

We Push for Peace was hired to help “deescalate upset customers and defuse problems,” according to a criminal complaint filed against Miller.

Instead, when confronted with an agitated homeless man who was allegedly “yelling and screaming at customers,” Miller beat him and threw him to the ground. Miller told police that the victim pretended to have a gun, was pulling on his hair, and attempted to punch him.

“I did let my emotions get a little of the best of me, but at the same time I am not going to let no one come in my space and harm me when I am already there, respectful to you, and being nice. I don’t care if you’re homeless, or any of that, at that moment my life was on the line,” Miller told police in an interview.

Judge George T. Stephenson/Minnesota Judicial Branch

Miller was charged with fifth-degree assault and let go from the community group. On Tuesday, Ramsey County Judge George T. Stephenson stayed Miller’s 27-month prison sentence and instead placed him on probation for three years.

This is despite the fact that Miller has at least three prior assault convictions and a fourth open assault case, Crime Watch Minneapolis reports.

In October, Miller was allegedly involved in a brawl in the lobby of Talo Apartments in Golden Valley, according to Crime Watch. Surveillance video captured Miller “body slamming” one of the victims to the ground as “others joined in the fight,” according to a criminal complaint.

One of the victims was left so badly beaten that he could barely speak with the responding officers. He had a “deep head wound,” missing teeth, and severe pain, according to the complaint. His medical bills exceeded $11,000.

A second victim was left with a “bruised and swollen eye socket” and was bleeding from above the eyebrow.

Miller was already on probation at the time of the alleged incident.


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