All Eyes on Cleveland: Recap of Last Nights Convention

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The final night of the Republican National Convention had delegates excited for the final months of the election. In case you missed it, here are the highlights from night four.

MNGOP Takes Over Park Tavern

Last night more than 100 Minnesota Republicans took over a private room at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park. The private room housed four mounted television screens and gathered a who’s-who of local Republican celebrities and men and women who are running for political office in Minnesota.

The Minnesota State Party hosted the event  with MNGOP Deputy Chair Chris Fields acting as the emcee.

Candidates such as Frank Drake, Jason Lewis, Tim Pitcher, Cory Campbell worked the room hoping to find constituents in their area.


Former Minnesota Senator Rudy Boschwitz made a surprise visit with his wife and spoke about the time to unite the party and rally around Donald Trump.

Jason Lewis, the endorsed Republican candidate for CD2 told Alpha News that “it’s time to circle the wagons. When you look at the alternative of Hillary [Clinton], it’s time to get behind and elect a conservative.”

Corey Campbell who is running for State Senate in SD57 told Alpha News, “I think it’s time for the party and the people to get behind Trump. While he was not my first, second, or even third choice, when I look at the options I think it’s necessary to vote for the candidate who will best preserve our liberties and freedom.”

Check out the gallery from last night’s events here: MN Watches Trump Accept GOP Nomination 

It’s Time for Center Stage

Last night, Donald Trump took the stage for the first time since he was formally named the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

While Trump had been making headlines all week by introducing his wife and the grand entrance into the Quicken Loans arena after Sen. Ted Cruz refused to endorse him, last night was Donald Trump’s night to prove himself to Republicans from all walks of life.

Video Source: CSPAN

Trump needed to convince Rubio, Kasich, and Cruz supporters to rally around him. Trump’s speech which was leaked hours prior, was focused on his new persona — the law and order candidate.

He spoke of protecting the LGBT community, something that rang as a positive note for some of the younger republicans sitting in the seats. As the Star Tribune  noted, many of the Minnesota delegates were fairly young.

Trump touched on many topics, such as the wage gap, lowering taxes, and increasing opportunities for average Americans.

As 125,000 balloons dropped from the ceiling, the crowd listened to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

Source: Twitter @mjp4liberty

The Long Awaited Trump:

This week was filled speakers who carried a certain level of clout and celebrity within the Republican Party. However, as POLITICO points out the speech given by Ivanka Trump would be the most anticipated only below that of Mike Pence and her Father’s acceptance speech because she is considered his better half. 

Ivanka, the daughter of Trump and his first wife Ivanna, has been the light at the end of a dark tunnel in her Father’s campaign, with some political pundits even speculating so far as to say that she is a chief architect and heavy hitter within the campaign.

Video Source: CSPAN

Ivanka did not disappoint as she was well spoken, articulate, and consistently hit the tone of compassionate, strong, and relentless in describing her father’s personality. Ivanka hit points on women’s rights issues providing a conservative perspective to a topic typically touted as a liberal issue.

Protesting Gone Too Far?

Yesterday, CBS reported that two officers one from Georgia and one from Cleveland were taken to the hospital for a weird skin irritation. It is believed, though not confirmed, that it could be caused from a yellow sticker stuck on them by protesters. There is little information at this time but law enforcement agencies are doing their best to find out as much as they can about the stickers and those who handed them out.

A Minnesotan Legend Arrives

As reported by Alpha News, a Minnesota legend took the stage. Former Minnesota Quarterback and Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton spoke in support of Trump. Tarkenton spoke of small business and experiences in owning one. He also spoke of his relationship with Donald Trump and how “he gets stuff done, he’s a builder.”

Video Source: CSPAN

One Minnesota delegate, Adam Gilbertson, made C SPAN last night after donning his Vikings shirt at the convention when Tarkenton began to speak.

Photo Credit: CSPAN
Photo Credit: CSPAN
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