60% of Duluth rally attendees were not Republicans, RNC says 

“If Joe gets in, the radical left will shut down the Iron Range forever.”

Rebecca Brannon for Alpha News

The majority of attendees at President Donald Trump’s recent rally in Duluth, Minnesota, were not Republicans, the Republican National Committee said.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said 60% of attendees were not Republicans while another 20% were Democrats, according to data the GOP collected from voters during the event.

Additionally, 17.2% did not vote in 2016 and 8.4% have not voted in the last four elections.

“Our data from the Duluth rally shows Donald Trump is still bringing in tons of new voters,” McDaniel said. “Thank you, Minnesota!”

Several Democratic mayors from the Iron Range — the region where Duluth is located — endorsed Trump for reelection last month because of his support for the logging and mining industries.

“Lifelong politicians like Joe Biden are out of touch with the working class, out of touch with what the country needs, and out of touch with those of us here on the Iron Range and in small towns like ours across our nation,” they said in their endorsement. “In this election, there is a lot at stake, but the biggest risk is our jobs, our economy, and our way of life. President Trump delivered the best economy in our nation’s history, and President Trump will deliver for us again.”

The president appealed to the area’s historic support for the Second Amendment during his Wednesday campaign rally.

“If he [Joe Biden] gets elected, the hard left will appoint radical justices who will terminate the Second Amendment. No more guns,” said Trump.

“If Joe gets in, the radical left will shut down the Iron Range forever,” he added. “It’s going to be gone. They’re not going to be able to open it again.”


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