A tale of two SCOTUS decisions, Republican party silent on same-sex marriage

Yesterday, Republicans had plenty to say about the Supreme Court’s King vs. Burwell case which determined that the subsidies for the federal Obamacare exchange were legal.   The Minnesota Republican party issued multiple tweets and sent an email urging party followers to “elect more Republicans” in light of the decision.



The RNC also used the opportunity to campaign:


The Minnesota DFL and national Democrats celebrated:




This morning the Supreme Court found a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry.  While the Minnesota DFL and Minnesota Teachers Union praised the finding, the Republican party has remained silent.  Today’s decision was highly anticipated and it’s unusual that no prepared statements have been released.



As of Friday afternoon, the MNGOP issued no statement on social media outlets about the SCOTUS marriage decision and neither has the Republican National Committee.  The Democrat National Committee praised SCOTUS with hashtags of #LoveWon


The President and major Democrat presidential candidates weighed in:





All of the major Republican candidates weighed in, with the notable exception of Rand Paul:







The issue is sure to be big in the 2016 election.  Minnesota lawmakers made the decision to redefine marriage in 2013 and the decision has already had repercussions as in the case of the private hunting lodge that was forced to pay $8,500 for a gay marriage wedding reception last year, after they had been found by the Department of Human Rights to have discriminated based on sexual orientation.  Minnesota now waits to see the impact that the Supreme Court’s decision will have on churches, schools, and private businesses who uphold a traditional definition of marriage.

While the King vs Burwell Obamacare decision elicited vocal responses from Minnesota Republicans, the decision on marriage seems to have induced silence.



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