A Year In Review: Emmer, Peppin Discuss Triumphs and Tribulations with Young Republicans


(Maple Grove, Minnesota)

The next generation of Republicans gathered Monday evening at the Maple Tavern for the Minnesota Young Republicans’ Freedom Reception.  The room was filled with leaders from all walks of life exchanging ideas, stories, and laughter.

Keynote speakers included United States Representative Tom Emmer and Minnesota State Representative and Majority Leader Joyce Peppin.

Congressman Emmer opened with a joke, but quickly transitioned to sincerity, discussing his vision of creating changes from within the system, stating that “Congress runs ten years behind Main Street” and that, “change is moving, and its coming.”

Emmer went on to preemptively speak about the importance of 2016, claiming his goals for that election not only include victory, but “turning out the highest Republican vote.”  Adding a hint of the ominous Emmer emphasized to the group that, “it’s not just about electing a Republican President” explaining that if they fail, there are possibly “Three Supreme Court Judge seats that could possibly be filled” and that, “the stakes are very high.”

Next up was Representative Peppin, who spoke about the accomplishments of the Republican-led House, marveling at the “major difference two years can make.”  Peppin boasted of eliminating $30 million in spending on the light rail, providing assistance to farmers affected by the avian flu, and advocating for gun rights.  Peppin also addressed the measure to allow counties to use outside private CPAs rather than the State Auditor, stating, “We were successful in making sure we got the reform.”

Regarding working with Governor Dayton, Peppin stated, “It’s a lot more fun negotiating with a Governor like Tim Pawlenty, who went on to run for President and is a Governor we can be proud of.”

Peppin went on to discuss the media covering Minnesota politics, stating, “There was a lot of stuff that didn’t come out in the press, we blocked a lot of things behind the scenes” and that, “The problem with Republicans versus Democrats is that the press will give Democrats a pass whenever they can.”

Both speakers spoke about the immense importance of engaging youth voters and the successes of the Minnesota Young Republicans.

Julia Erynn