Alan Dershowitz: Ellison Must Be Fired From DNC For Lying About Farrakhan Relationship

Alan Dershowitz had harsh words for Rep. Keith Ellison, saying Ellison must be “fired immediately” for lying to the American public over ending his association with Farrakhan.

Alan Dershowitz on Fox & Friends

NEW YORK – Prominent Democrat and Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz is calling for Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison to be “fired immediately” from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) over his ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Ellison, deputy chair of the DNC, continues to face backlash for his apparent ongoing relationship with Farrakhan. Dershowitz had harsh words for Ellison, going on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the controversial relationship. Dershowitz said Ellison must be “fired immediately” for lying to the American public over ending his association with Farrakhan.

“I think Keith Ellison has to be fired immediately as the deputy chairman of the DNC. Not only has he become close to Farrakhan, but he’s lied to the American public about ending his relationship with Farrakhan,” Dershowitz said. “We know that he continued to meet with Farrakhan even after he said he longer met with him.”

“This is the leadership of the Democratic Party,” Dershowitz added. “Farrakhan is a bigot. He is far worse than David Duke. Why? Because Farrakhan has a large following. David Duke is a joke.”

Dershowitz called out Democrats for failing to treat Farrakhan with the same level of contempt as David Duke, the former Klu Klux Klan leader. Highlighting the double standard, Dershowitz said any association with Farrakhan should “be the end of the career of any Democrat.”

“We see that Farrakhan has continuing influence within the African American community at the very highest levels. That’s why he is so much more dangerous. And he ought to be treated the way we treat David Duke. If any Republican dared to meet with David Duke, that would be the end of their career. It should be the end of the career of any Democrat who has any association with this bigot Farrakhan.”

Dershowitz, a centrist Democrat, has long been tough on Ellison over his association with Farrakhan. During the race for DNC chair, Dershowitz wrote a scathing column saying he would “quit the Democratic Party” if Ellison was elected chairman. Dershowitz says it is now time for Democrats to “do something about this.”

“The Democrats have to do something about this,” Dershowitz said. “They cannot be associated with this bigot. And race is no excuse. We don’t have affirmative action when it comes to bigotry. Whether you are black or white, you cannot be associated with a bigot like Farrakhan.”

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