Governor Mark Dayton has dropped his demands that the provision of a bill he signed into law, which allows Minnesota Counties to use outside Certified Public Accountants for their auditing, instead of the State Auditor, be repealed.

State Auditor Rebecca Otto, who could not be reached for comment, has taken to Twitter to express her grievances and states in a tweet, “I will pursue every ave (avenue) to restore the oversight of MN taxpayer $;s (dollars).”

Alpha News reached out to Nate Albrecht, the Board Chair of the Minnesota Society of CPA’s, which is currently 9,000 members strong. Mister Albrecht believes that this debate has quote, “gotten to the point where it’s starting to cast CPA’s in a negative light” and that the State Auditor suggesting a lack of integrity with non-governmental CPA’s is “wrong.”

Mister Albrecht went on to tell us that outside CPA’s use the same “Government Accounting Standards” as the State Auditor and that, “CPA’s are a group of people who are highly educated, highly ethical, and who are very conscious of their duties to the public.”

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Julia Erynn