(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

The 2016 Presidential elections are more than a year away, but the candidates are already generating a lot of hype. Primary winners will be chosen after parties host their national conventions, followed by a series of Presidential debates. But will other parties besides Democrats and Republicans have a voice in these debates?  

Orange County Superior Court Judge Jim Gray, ran as New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson’s Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party in 2012. Judge Gray told Alpha News, “The Libertarian party was on the ballots in 48 states in 2012 – we’re a legitimate voice – Governor Gary Johnson and I (as the Vice President) should have been a part of the debates…”

Judge Gray says he is in the process of filing a lawsuit against The Commission on Presidential Debates, as well as the Republican and Democratic National Committees. Judge Gray believes that including another voice will force candidates to discuss dire issues, stating, “If you go back to 2012, there were some issues that Governor Romney and President Obama simply flat out did not want to discuss, and they didn’t, because they controlled the forum…”

He is hoping once his anti-trust suit and First Amendment-leaning lawsuits are filed with the District of Columbia and The Federal Court, that they will capture the attention of the public and gain momentum – To learn more about this suit visit www.ouramericainitiative .com 


Julia Erynn