Alyssa Ahlgren: Trans-Athletes and the War on Women

The deconstruction of gender isn’t only happening with masculinity, but to femininity as well. The encroachment and bastardization of women’s sports in the name of trans rights are a glaring red flag to female destruction. 

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The transgender movement is infiltrating women’s athletics at the detriment of biological female athletes. Biological men are taking away what it means to be a strong woman; a vital aspect of sports for young girls.

The unique characteristics of being a woman are deemed by the progressive left as a “social construct” rather than biological preference and purpose. Denigrating these characteristics through the elimination of objective gender standards have adverse effects. Look what is happening to masculinity. We’re seeing skyrocketing rates of violence, depression, anxiety, and suicide among males, as the idea of toxic masculinity and the purpose of manhood is rejected.

The deconstruction of gender isn’t only happening with masculinity, but to femininity as well. The encroachment and bastardization of women’s sports in the name of trans rights are a glaring red flag to female destruction. 

This is where the radical progressives are calling me transphobic and bigoted. However, like every productive and rational discussion, we’re going to have to agree upon a universal truth to build upon. With the trans-athlete issue, it comes down to science. 

Objective biology and reality recognize that there are inherent differences between males and females. Studies have also shown that regardless of how much estrogen and hormone blockers a trans-woman is taking, the athlete still has a biological advantage in terms of bone density, cardiovascular performance, and muscle strength. This is why in the current number one ranked NCAA track athlete for women is a trans-woman. The same trans-woman competed in Connecticut’s indoor track championship this year and won. Second place in the competition went to another biological male. Guess how many trans-athletes competed in total? Two. 

There are countless stories about biological males dominating women’s sports. From a trans powerlifter breaking four women’s world records in one day to once mediocre men’s tennis players rising in the ranks of women’s leagues. Notice that you never hear controversy over trans-men competing in men’s sports. Even with scientific studies aside, the empirical evidence in these instances make the advantages trans-athletes harbor painfully obvious. 

I played multiple sports growing up, but my true passion was hockey. I fell in love with the sport the moment my dad put skates on my feet at five years old. I was also fortunate enough to play in college. As a female athlete who knows what it’s like to compete at a high level and whose life revolved around a sport at one point in time, I am angry for the women whose success has been unfairly stifled by biological men. 

Imagine training your entire life; fighting, sweating, bleeding, and sacrificing for a sport that brings you the utmost purpose and happiness. Imagine making it to the highest level of competition that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. Finally, imagine you’re getting ready to give the performance of a lifetime when you look over at the competition and see a trans-athlete; a biological man. Your face drops in complete anguish as you realize you have already lost. Everything you’ve worked for up until this point is frivolous as you can only realistically hope for second place, that is if there isn’t another trans-athlete.

To completely ignore the demoralization those female athletes face is a step backwards for actual feminism. The true patriarchy is allowing males to destroy females in competition because they feel like a woman. 

The trans movement has corrupted the objective measures of what makes a woman. If biological sex, a uterus, a vagina, and XX chromosomes don’t make you a woman then what does? If all of this is arbitrarily “assigned” at birth with no real conclusive meaning and the litmus test for gender is how you feel, then why even transition? The trans movement is full of contradictions and this is the most apparent. Why are we pumping kids with hormones if that’s not even what makes you a male or female?

The answer is this – there are no answers. Proponents of so-called “trans rights” (which is hyperbole for “special treatment”) are fueled by false tolerance and virtue signaling. Everyone is hyper focused on the self-esteem and emotional state of transgender people so much that we’re tossing women and girls to the side. Like we’re seeing with men, there will be adverse effects for women when we get rid of womanhood. 

Without the definition of what it means to be a woman in place, I wouldn’t have grown to appreciate the roles females play in society. I wouldn’t have learned what it means to be a strong woman. It doesn’t mean trying to be like a man. It means I have the ability to nurture and raise the next generation, the ability to understand human beings on an emotional and mental level that men can’t, and the ability to be secure enough to embrace my specific purpose in society because I know the world needs it. 

This is all new. Only in the past decade have we seen a massive uptick in people identifying as transgender and trans-athletes competing in women’s sports. Yet, we are already seeing a cultural impact on womanhood. Women are getting married later or not at all, having little to no children, valuing self-happiness over raising a family, and are becoming resentful of female purpose in society. Eliminating the standards of womanhood in order to adhere to the subjective mental state of others will be our downfall. 

If we want to truly extend tolerance, we can’t lift up one group of people at the expense of another. Trans-athletes can have their own leagues. There are actual solutions to this issue that doesn’t involve ignoring reality and science. We need to be able to, and I hesitate to use this word, coexist.

The inherent and biological interests that brought us gender roles in society, work. They built the greatest civilization known to man. They gave us the successful nuclear family. They gave us incredibly strong women throughout history that not only helped build the best aspects of society but set the precedent for what it means to truly be a woman. 

Making a mockery of women’s sports is not a “trans right.” Coming from a female and former collegiate athlete, women don’t want their dreams crushed by a male that shouldn’t be there.

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Alyssa Ahlgren

Alyssa has her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and currently works as an analyst in corporate finance. She grew up in northern Wisconsin and is a former collegiate hockey player. Alyssa is pursuing her passion for current events and politics through writing and being an advocate for the conservative movement.