Announcing Alpha News’ Media Bias Contest

I’m delighted to announce Alpha News’ media bias contest. We all see countless examples of media bias everyday. This contest is designed to ferret out the best examples and to reward those with keen eyes for media bias, narratives and framing. Click here for all the details.

Headlines are a great source of obvious bias but keep in mind most reporters do not write them. They’re biased but not necessarily as a result of the reporter. Of course, sometimes the headlines only hint at the bias in the story so be sure to read both to see any match up, if any.

Each medium will present its challenges but also its rewards. For example, I don’t watch much local television but for those who do, examples of bias and one sided treatment surely abound. Just send us an email with the date, subject of the story and the television station involved and we’ll look into it. The same approach goes for radio, especially Minnesota Public Radio where it’s probably easier to find stories without bias because they’re so infrequent.

Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook offers an excellent platform for seeing where the mask of mainstream journalism “slips.” Increasingly, though, it seems that reporters don’t put one on in the first place.

Below is one of my favorites: Star Tribune editorial board member Patricia Lopez opinely pining for the Soviet Union. No, it’s neither photoshopped nor from The Onion. She deleted it of course and no more shall be said about it. Speed on Twitter is essential.

Another source of media bias–possibly the biggest–is when local media refuse to cover a national story in order to protect their fellow Democrats. The best example recently was when David Duke endorsed far left Congressman Keith Ellison. No media outlet carried the story. But remember, without reading them you’re uninformed.

So be on the lookout for what our local media covers and doesn’t cover. Send your submissions to me by midnight Wednesday of each week. That Friday I’ll announce the winner and share the submission. Let your friends know about this contest. A lot remains to do in covering Minnesota media’s legendary bias, specifically the launch of Minnesota Media Monitor.™ In the meantime, let’s have fun. Liberals hate it when we have fun. So click on the banner on the home page to learn more, submit your entry and perhaps win a $50 gift card. Or just click here to get going!

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter