Another Johnson in the Race for Governor

Lance Johnson has announced his decision to run for governor in 2018.

Credit: Cook News Herald

WOODBURY, Minn. – An attorney from Woodbury is adding his name to the growing list of Republican hopefuls seeking to succeed Gov. Mark Dayton.

Lance Johnson has announced his decision to run for governor in 2018.

According to the Cook County News Herald, Johnson first announced his candidacy at his 60th high school class reunion in July. Johnson officially kicked off his campaign this month.

Like several of the Republican candidates, Johnson lists smaller government and lower taxes as two of his key issues. Johnson says “hidden taxes,” like taxes on gasoline and alcohol, are hurting the working class, something Johnson would like to see changed.

“The government is taking money from people who need it the most,” Johnson told the Cook County News Herald. “I feel sorry for people living on lower incomes that are faced with these regressive taxes.”

Johnson also criticized Minnesota’s tax on Social Security benefits, saying it “isn’t right” and “should stop now.”

Johnson has never been elected to public office, however, he is not new to government. Johnson previously served as head of the Minnesota Department of Commerce under Gov. Harold LeVander in the 1960s.

Eleven candidates remain in the race for governor on the Republican side with more expected to announce in the coming months.

Christine Bauman