Another “No-Go” on Sunday Sales

May 12, 2016

On Thursday the Republican-led Minnesota House of Representatives voted down H.F. 3699 to allow Sunday liquor sales. The push was led by the MN Consumers First Alliance, as Alpha News reported on earlier this session.  

The bill was an amendment to a larger piece of liquor legislation.  Representative Jenifer Loon, (R-Eden Prairie), once again led the fight for the Sunday liquor allowance, and once again, the effort failed.

A version of Sunday liquor sales legislation has failed year after year in Minnesota. Several unions, including the Teamsters, strictly oppose this legislation, as well as the Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association.  Last year the legislature rejected a measure to allow cities and counties to decide whether to allow liquor stores to open on Sundays. The measure also included a prohibition on Sunday liquor deliveries in an attempt to appeal to the Teamsters who oppose Sunday deliveries.

“Today’s House vote is a huge disappointment to the majority of consumers across Minnesota who overwhelmingly support Sunday sales,” said Leslee Miller, spokesperson for the MN Consumers First Alliance. “Over the past several months, thousands of consumers took the time to contact their legislators urging an end to the state’s outdated prohibition against Sunday sales only to see the liquor lobbyists, yet again, stand in the way. As a result, Minnesota continues to lag behind all of our neighboring states – Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas – that allow consumers to shop on Sundays. However,Sunday sales is an issue that won’t go away. With all 201 legislative seats up for election this year, we intend to keep raising Sunday sales and applying consumer pressure throughout the campaigns right through the election.”

“The MN Consumers First Alliance thanks those legislators who voted for Sunday sales,” added Miller.  “We appreciate their support to side with consumers who want the convenience of shopping on Sundays.”

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