Armed rioters stopped police at checkpoint in Wisconsin

A police officer was rendered unconscious after he was struck in the head by a flying projectile.

The city of Kenosha, Wisconsin was engulfed by violence early Monday morning after a man was shot by police Sunday afternoon.

Jacob Blake was shot by Kenosha police after he allegedly moved to recover a gun from his vehicle. A widely circulated video shows the altercation, which left Blake injured but in stable condition in an intensive care unit, per CNN. The incident triggered a wave of violent riots in the city, which required a National Guard response, NPR reported.

Amid the chaos, several rioters were recorded as they stopped a law enforcement vehicle at an impromptu armed checkpoint. The blockade of anti-police protesters, including one who wielded a rifle, was disbursed by tear gas after they held a truck full of officers at gunpoint for about two minutes.

Other videos captured during the violence that descended on the small city of Kenosha, which has a population of 100,000, show both a parking lot and what appears to be a large truck set ablaze.

Another group of rioters were recorded as they launched concrete through local storefronts.

A police officer was rendered unconscious after he was struck in the head by a flying projectile.

Materials distributed to promote the ongoing anti-police protests in Wisconsin appear to encourage violence. “Do what you want. F– shit up,” one reads.

Image source: Facebook

Sunday’s altercation was not Blake’s first encounter with the police. Just four months ago, he was charged with sexual assault and domestic abuse, according to court records.

Blake was also arrested in 2015 after he pulled a gun in a bar. Police were able to apprehend him, but not before he caused a soft tissue injury to one of the involved officers, per the Racine County Eye.

Meanwhile, organizers in Minnesota held a “solidarity rally” outside the Hennepin County Government Center apparently to express support for the rioters in Wisconsin.


Kyle Hooten

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