Former MPR Editor Hopes Republicans Die

"When the civil war breaks out, I'm plotting a course for Senate District 9" - Bob Collins

From Bob Collins' Twitter
From Bob Collins' Twitter

Bob Collins, who worked as an editor at Minnesota Public Radio for 27 years said he wants conservatives to die and threatened to take matters into his own hands, Friday.

Collins said he would be ok if conservatives and Trump supporters would “drink a hot cup of bleach,” reminded them to shoot themselves, and hopes they starve to death, on Friday. He also appeared to make personal threats of violence against Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka. This is not the first time Collins has issued such statements.

The former MPR editor added that he intents to “plot a course” to where Gazelka lives in the event of “civil war.” This is in response to the Republican State Senator’s belief that government employees should not get pay raises while huge numbers of Minnesotans go unemployed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Senator Karin Housley characterized Collins’ recent string of violent statements as “sad.”

Andrew Wagner, the Director of Public Affairs for the Minnesota House GOP also criticized Collins on Friday. “Do you ever think about how your psychotic tweets undermine the work of your former colleagues?” Wagner asked. “Hey, I’m just putting ideas out there,” Collins responded.

Last month, Alpha News reported on similar set controversial social media posts from the former MPR editor in which Collins fantasized about conservatives and Fox News fans dying of coronavirus.

Collin’s Twitter account has gone through recent periods of deactivation. It is unclear if this is the result of the platform’s regulators or the former editor’s own discretion.

When Collins left MPR in 2019, KARE 11, mourned the loss of “one of the most humble, and honest voices in media.”

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