Minnesota Patrolman Pulls Over COVID-19 Doctor And Gives Her His N95 Masks

The doctor says that she has been "afraid of not having adequate protective equipment," making Trooper Schwartz's act of generosity even more meaningful. 

A doctor from St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth was pulled over for speeding— but instead of giving her a ticket, State Trooper Brian Schwartz handed her 5 of his own N95 masks.

Dr. Sarosh Ashraf Janjua is a cardiologist who works in a coronavirus quarantine unit in Duluth. She was pulled over for driving 85 miles per hour in a 70mph zone. During the traffic stop, Schwartz noticed that the doctor had “what appeared to be two used N95 masks in Ashraf’s purse that he assumed she was reusing,” the Minnesota State Patrol said in a statement to CNN.

This prompted him to give her five of his own masks issued to him by the state.

Trooper Brian Schwartz and Dr. Sarosh Ashraf Janjua

By her appearance, it looked like she had been through it, like it had been a tough time for her,” he recalled, according to the Star Tribune. “We’re all in this together,” he added. 

Janjua says the encounter was an emotional experience for all involved. “I burst into tears,” she wrote in a now deleted Facebook post, according to CNN. “And though it may just have been the cold wind, I think he teared up a little as well, before wishing me well and walking away.”

She also says that she has been “afraid of not having adequate protective equipment,” making Trooper Schwartz’s act of generosity even more meaningful.

The doctor has since told her story on Fox and Friends and Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN.



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Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.