Candace Owens Speaks to a Sold-Out Crowd in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS – Conservative commentator Candace Owens spoke to a sold-out crowd in Minneapolis at a lunch forum organized by the Center of the American Experiment.

On Tuesday 550 people, adults and students alike, attended the lunch forum to hear Owens’ “journey to conservatism.”

“Apparently the way I think is extremely controversial,” Owens said. “This was a seven-word tweet and it’s nine syllables and it completely broke the internet.”

Owens, spokeswoman, and director of urban engagement for Turning Point USA rose to popularity a little less than a year ago, but recently gained national mainstream media attention after Kanye West praised Owens on Twitter, saying he loves “the way Candace Owens thinks.”

Yesterday President Donald Trump also tweeted about Owens calling her a “very smart thinker.”

Due to this, Owens has been the target of now countless attacks by the left-wing media. During the forum, Owens joked that she has been reading every day to find information about herself that she never knew.

“I have read that I’m a white supremacist which is… fascinating,” Owens said.

Owens has been accused of having a privileged upbringing, which she has made clear is not the case. In reality, Owens believes that the left is trying to silence her because she grew up with what she calls “a very typical black American story.” She said that originally she had fallen victim to the mentality that she is “supposed to be a Democrat,” but “took the red pill.” Soon after her conversion, she created her YouTube channel Red Pill Black. Owens says she wants to empower people inside and outside of the black community to not be afraid to think for themselves.

The Center of the American Experiment, a local think tank, regularly hosts events advocating for and supporting free speech and the marketplace of ideas.

Olivia Anderson-Blythe
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