Carnage in Minneapolis as 2 killed, 7 injured in 3 shootings

Police began “holding all non-priority calls citywide,” meaning if “you’re not bleeding and dying, cops aren’t coming to your issue,” Crime Watch said. One of the deceased victims was 16.


Two people died and seven others were injured in three separate shootings overnight in Minneapolis.

The carnage began shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday when police responded to the area of Knox Avenue North and Plymouth Avenue North on a report of shots fired. They found a 16-year-old male with life-threatening gunshot wounds in a nearby parking lot.

The boy was transported to Hennepin Healthcare where he was later pronounced dead. His death was the 61st homicide this year in Minneapolis. Alleged audio from the shooting indicates automatic gunfire was involved, according to Crime Watch Minneapolis.

About an hour later, around 9:12 p.m., police in the area of Winner Gas at 626 West Broadway Avenue heard multiple shots fired. According to Crime Watch Minneapolis, there were at least 30 rounds fired in what police described as a drive-by shooting.

Police located an adult male and female with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and had them transported to the hospital by ambulance. An adult male with potentially life-threatening gunshot wounds then arrived at North Memorial Hospital by private vehicle, followed by a fourth victim who was dropped off at Abbott Northwestern Hospital with potentially life-threatening gunshot wounds.

In total, three adult males and one adult female were injured by gunfire in the incident.

The intersection of West Broadway Avenue and Lyndale Avenue North, home to Merwin Liquors and Winner Gas, has become a notorious problem spot for shootings over the past few years.

According to Crime Watch Minneapolis, two groups of protesters were attempting to shut down Merwin Liquors and “murder station” in protest of the violence Friday morning.

Around 9 p.m., police began “holding all non-priority calls citywide,” meaning if “you’re not bleeding and dying, cops aren’t coming to your issue,” Crime Watch said.

Police then responded to another shooting around 1 a.m. early Friday on the 1400 block of Washington Avenue South. They found an adult male in his 30s with life-threatening gunshot wounds. He was transported to the hospital and died. His death was the 62nd homicide in Minneapolis this year.

Police later identified three adult males, one with life-threatening wounds and two with non-life-threatening injuries, in connection to the incident.

They said an “altercation” took place inside Bullwinkle’s and “escalated to gunfire.” The altercation moved outside where more shots were fired, police said.

A person who lives in the area told Crime Watch a bullet came through their bedroom window.

The identities of the victims will be released by the medical examiner in the coming days.

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