Man with ties to Vice Lords gang charged in St. Paul triple homicide

The charges say Wright has eight prior felony convictions and is also facing separate charges of kidnapping and attempted murder from a Sept. 2 incident.

Saint Paul police respond to Sunday's triple homicide in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood. (St. Paul Police Department)

41-year-old Minneapolis man Antonio D. Wright was charged Friday with six counts of murder and attempted murder in connection to Sunday’s triple homicide in St. Paul.

He was arrested Wednesday morning in Chicago. The shooting left two other victims injured.

Wright, described in the complaint as a heroin dealer with ties to the Vice Lords gang and Chicago, had reportedly “been paranoid lately suspecting the feds are tracking him and that people are snitching on him.”

Antonio D. Wright/Minnesota Department of Corrections

This is apparently why Wright, who goes by the nicknames “Figg” and “D,” allegedly drove to a friend’s house at 951 Case Avenue East and murdered Angelica M. Gonzales, Cory U. Freeman, and Maisha M. Spaulding.

The charges state (initials used for victims’ names):

“SA was at his friend’s house at 951 Case Avenue when Figg pulled up on his small, black motorbike. SA has seen Figg drive the motorbike before. Figg walked in through the back door and stood in the living room entryway. Figg wore a ski-mask, a dark hoodie, and jeans. SA greeted Figg saying, ‘What’s up, D?’ Figg pulled the mask further over his nose and said, ‘I’m not D.’ Figg raised a tan Glock 9mm handgun towards MS who sat on the couch facing away from Figg, and he shot her head killing her. Figg then shot SA’s girlfriend, AG, in the face killing her. Figg shot MS’ boyfriend, CF, who SA didn’t know, as the man tried running away. Figg pointed the gun at SA who put both hands over his head to shield himself. Figg shot SA three times before walking into a back bedroom and shooting JC. SA rolled under the couch and played dead. Figg then walked out the back door and drove away on his motorbike. SA ran outside and asked someone to call 911.
SA knows Figg very well, and he is sure Figg was the shooter. SA suspects Figg thinks they were snitching on him. Figg only shot people who knew his identity. SA owes Figg $500 for heroin, but he didn’t think Figg would do all this for $500. SA said Figg drives a large gray van and other vehicles. SA said Figg had previously shown him the tan Glock handgun.”

The charges say Wright has eight prior felony convictions and is also facing separate charges of kidnapping and attempted murder from a Sept. 2 incident. In that case, Wright pointed a gun at a man’s head because he thought the victim “had snitched on him after the man overheard Wright discussing a murder.” Wright “shot the man four times when the man fled the vehicle he had been forced into,” the charges say.

The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office said Wright is currently in custody in Chicago and will make his first appearance in Ramsey County District Court upon extradition to Minnesota.


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