Chaos and tragedy at southern border as Biden vacations

The onslaught is happening as the Department of Homeland Security hopes to settle 60,000 Afghan evacuees in the U.S.

Texas State Troopers were deployed to the Del Rio section of the border Saturday amid the worsening crisis. (Texas DPS/Twitter)

The amount of debacles the Biden administration has created in eight months is so massive it’s hard to keep track.

Though our focus should remain on Americans abandoned for several weeks in a hostile nation, we can also multitask. No one should forget the southern border fiasco is worsening, as President Joe Biden enjoys a weekend at the beach, and most media members downplay the situation.

In recent days, several thousand refugees — mainly from Haiti — crossed the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, to Del Rio, Texas, an erstwhile pleasant town.

Because of Fox News’ stellar coverage of the embarrassing scenes, led by newcomer Bill Melugin, the FAA restricted the network’s drone from capturing the magnitude of the chaos. They rescinded the ruling a day later.

The migrants are not coming directly from Haiti; most lived in South America for years and traveled through multiple countries to get to the Mexico-United States border because our country is a better destination. That’s not how asylum works.

“If any Haitian who makes it to the U.S. border is home free, then more people are going to do it. If you lived in Brazil or Chile for years, one of your kids was born here, you are ineligible for asylum. You were firmly resettled in another country,” Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian tweeted Saturday.

All this tragedy and drama is self-inflicted.

To appease their radical base, the Biden administration halted deportations upon taking office, cut down on what Border Patrol can do when handling illegal crossings, and undid former President Donald Trump’s successful “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Democrats cry “racism” on this issue, but their policies are bigoted. Neglecting laws increases opportunities to exploit people financially, for sex, or for drug smuggling. The photos of children living under bridges in squalor are not something liberals should ignore. They didn’t a few years ago, but now they blame climate, trade, and other unrelated policies for their party’s failures.

Because progressives don’t believe in protecting the border or that immigration laws should exist, and Biden is so desperate to differentiate from his predecessor, Texas must now compensate for Washington’s dereliction.

“It is the federal government’s job to secure our border. But the Biden administration has failed to do its job,” Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday. “These funds are needed because the Biden administration’s open border policies have opened the floodgates to illegal immigration, to crime, to human trafficking, to drug smuggling.”

The latest wave pushed the number of illegal border crossings to a 20-year high. The onslaught is happening as the Department of Homeland Security hopes to settle 60,000 Afghan evacuees in the U.S., many of whom aren’t properly vetted. Most migrants are likely to be released into America’s interior with a notice to appear in court at a future date.


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