City Council Candidate Gets 2nd DWI of Summer

MOUNDS VIEW, Minn. – A woman who self-declared as a candidate for the Minneapolis City Council earlier this year has been charged with her second driving under the influence violation in as many months.

Tiffini Flynn Forslund was pulled over early Sunday morning in Mounds View, reports the Pioneer Press. She was driving on the shoulder of the road with the right turn signal on. Officers identified Forslund by her “hole-punched” driver’s license and expired insurance card. Her license plate had expired tabs, and her license had been revoked as well.

In addition to the third-degree operating motor vehicle under influence alcohol, Forslund was also charged with driving after revocation, and second-degree refusal to submit to a chemical test, reports the Pioneer Press.

Forslund declared herself a candidate for the Ward 6 seat on the Minneapolis City Council, currently held by Council Member Abdi Warsame. She failed to meet the August 15 filing deadline for municipal elections however. Mohamud Noor and Fadumo Yusuf are the only candidates filed to run against Warsame in Ward 6.

Alpha News previously reported that Forslund tested over the legal limit in July. She was pulled over at Dale and University Avenues because she was driving 49 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone, police said at the time. Forslund complied with two forms of preliminary alcohol testing in that incident, failing both of them.

Forslund’s campaign site is a one page endeavor, giving a short biography and short descriptions of her top issues. According to the site, she has served in some capacity or another on the boards of a number of non-profit organizations, worked on several political campaigns, and engaged in lobbying at the state capitol, “for issues central to the equity and equality of our citizens.”

Anders Koskinen