Commentary: Democrats continue to throw away lifelines Joe Manchin sends them

Manchin is properly representing his right-leaning constituents — a state where Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden by 39 points — and preserving sanity when no one else in his party will.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin is confronted by climate activists on his way to Capitol Hill. (Shutterstock)

As is the case every few months, we are back to incessant coverage of progressives bemoaning and slandering Sen. Joe Manchin.

This stems from the West Virginia Democrat recently reminding corporate media that, “I’ve told you all I don’t know how many times: Inflation, inflation, inflation. Gas prices, gas prices, gas prices. Food prices, food prices, food prices, and energy.”

And when the disastrous inflation numbers came out a day later, Manchin rightly said he’s done with President Joe Biden’s latest economy-crushing spending package. That 49 other Democrats did not say the same shows you how delusional the party is.

The backlash to Manchin’s common sense was swift and risible.

Former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta fulminated that Manchin “single-handedly doomed humanity.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders yelled to ABC News that Manchin “sabotaged the president’s agenda.”

The octogenarian and two-time presidential failure, who represents a monolithic state of a few hundred thousand hippies, naturally added that his colleague is owned by the fossil fuel industry and billionaire Republicans.

Sanders, Podesta, and the left are unoriginal, ignorant and incorrect.

Manchin is properly representing his right-leaning constituents — a state where Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden by 39 points — and preserving sanity when no one else in his party will.

Democrats keep pushing massive spending even as inflation crushes hard-working Americans. Manchin opposes that and has been proven correct; the Sanders wing, per usual, is wrong.

Unlike almost any Democrat, Manchin supports the fossil fuel industry, primarily because he represents an energy-producing state and voters want cheaper fossil fuels.

It’s worth mentioning that the man who’s served the Mountain State for four decades also holds a seat that likely will be Republican for generations once he retires.

Sanders, who somehow chairs the Senate Budget Committee, does not care about Biden’s agenda; he’s irked because Manchin is undermining his socialist aspirations.

In recent weeks, other progressive gripes have been about Biden’s inability to push their radical agenda — on abortion, guns, the environment and more. Now these tyrants want Biden to again circumvent Congress and declare a “climate emergency.”

Rarely would the left mention Biden’s advanced age if he simply surrendered to all aspects of their warped agenda.

The autumn comeuppance Democrats face is mainly because the party itself is a wreck.

The party pushed Biden to catastrophically pull out of Afghanistan, toss away trillions, wrongly accuse Republicans of “Jim Crow 2.0” for sensible electoral reforms, and more nonsense.

Manchin, who is now sidelined with COVID, is more popular with voters than Biden or Nancy Pelosi because he’s bucking the Democrats’ agenda, while support for Biden craters whenever his rhetoric caters to an unhinged base that speaks only for a minuscule fringe of voters.

Remember the recent Monmouth University poll showing voters’ top issues are inflation, gas prices, the economy, and everyday bills. Those totaled nearly 65%. Abortion barely cracked 5%, with guns at 3, and the Jan. 6 riot, transgender nonsense, and climate alarmism barely registering.

It is remarkable that, after 18 months, Democrats have yet to realize their agenda has been overtaken by real-world events. Sanders may not care, but with inflation raging, crime soaring, and the national debt over $30 trillion, fanatical ambitions must be squashed.

Democrats and their allies often forget they don’t really have control of the U.S. Senate. They have a 50-50 tie, with multiple members representing red or purple states. Maybe they’d be better off had a former president’s conspiracies not given them wins in two Georgia Senate runoffs last January. Mitch McConnell therefore could have stopped some of their shenanigans.


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