Commentary: On Florida bill, dishonesty and emotional manipulation by the left

In a Politico poll last month, the majority of Floridians, including Democrats, supported the legislation.

An entrance arch to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. (Shutterstock)

One year ago this weekend, Major League Baseball completely embarrassed themselves on the national stage. You may recall the left-wing front office decided to pull the All Star Game from Atlanta — crushing small business owners and urban communities — over some innocuous laws they never read.

Then President Joe Biden, never one to miss a chance to divide, rushed to ESPN to invoke his bigoted “Jim Crow” line and make factless accusations.

Now it’s occurring again, as the White House and left-wing pundits disingenuously refer to Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law as a “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The word “gay” is never mentioned in the bill, which is very popular when accurately described. No one says kids can’t learn what a gay person is and no one wants to erase them.

In a Politico poll last month, the majority of Floridians, including Democrats, supported the legislation.

Another recent survey found strong support across all party lines and demographics, with only three in 10 Democrats opposing.

Look, any Florida parents interested in teaching their first grader some warped biology can do so. The bill prohibits government employees from talking to very young children about controversial topics like gender identity. Most teachers, I bet, have little interest in discussing these adult subjects anyway.

Knowing an honest debate would be a political loser for Democrats, the left predictably distorts the law, smears its proponents, and bullies corporations, like Disney.

Their Florida employees happily tolerate communist-run slave labor camps, but some, including their ignorant former CEO, are irate over this issue.

The law itself has no effect on Disney, so why go all in on faux social justice when it’ll probably backfire?

If AT&T, for example, says they love abortion, it doesn’t particularly matter; they’re a cell phone carrier. But Disney is primarily engaged in children’s entertainment. If their not-so-covert plan is to promote a partisan agenda, it’ll be a problem, since that undermines the integrity of their product. This could someday be a business school case study on what not to do as a company.

In her latest column, Kaylee Mghee White claimed, “There is nothing compassionate about indulging a mental illness, which is what gender dysphoria is. Neither is there anything remotely right about selling a lie to impressionable, young children who would do anything to escape the uncomfortable and awkward phases of life that many of us can still remember. But that’s exactly what the Biden administration is doing.”

It’s hard to debate facts, yet we too often do, especially when electoral politics are involved.

The Atlanta Braves had their ultimate revenge by winning the 2021 World Series. Most Americans have lionized Disney for nearly a century, but maybe the woke corporation will face their comeuppance soon.


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