Commentary: Team Biden should thank judge who salvaged Title 42

Team Biden said it will appeal. Why? They should thank the judge profusely.

President Joe Biden attends a meeting in the White House in March. (White House/Flickr)

Remember the serious debate over removing Title 42?

Understandably lost this week amid a horrific school shooting and important primary elections is that President Joe Biden’s unwise and dangerous idea to open up the U.S.-Mexico border to even more illegal migrants on Monday was delayed — and he should be pleased.

After almost every red state sued the federal government to keep sensible restrictions in place, a U.S. District Court judge from western Louisiana issued an injunction, barring the administration from lifting the edict that prevented apprehended migrants at the southern border from seeking asylum in the United States.

Implemented by the Trump administration two years ago to slow COVID-19 by immediately removing those entering the country without authorization, the White House wanted to end Title 42, inviting millions of undocumented people back into the American interior with no post-repeal plan.

Even if COVID-19 is waning, the amount of illegal immigrants overwhelming the border is at record highs.

Homeland Security recently reported more than 200,000 people were nabbed at the southern border in April — the highest in the 21st century — and Border Patrol detention facilities are already operating at more than double their capacity.

In his 47-page ruling last week, Judge Robert Summerhays said lifting the provision could result in “as large as a three-fold increase to 18,000 daily border crossings.” He also blamed the federal government for not considering the additional health and education costs states would incur from the migrant surge.

Team Biden said it will appeal. Why? They should thank the judge profusely.

It’s true that voters vary between dovish and hawkish on the border, which may be lost on Washington politicians trying to represent them; however, just as we are a compassionate people, there remains strong support in both parties for better, tougher border security.

Biden’s handling of immigration has long been in the proverbial toilet, while a new poll shows nearly three in four Hispanic voters disapprove of him overall.

Concern is rapidly growing among Democrats, yet the White House odiously indicates it’s only those bigoted right-wingers who want border security.

But it’s Democrat senators calling to retain Title 42 provisions, and not just Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema. Maggie Hassan, Mark Kelly and Raphael Warnock — none of whom I’d call moderate — believe their party and the White House are weak on border security. Yes, all three are up for reelection this fall in battleground states, though if anything, that makes their worries more acute.

Biden has long discarded moderates to appease fringe left-wingers on a variety of issues.

He’s not been the unifier he promised, and has arguably governed similar to a Bernie Sanders, both in tone and action. Fighting to reverse Title 42 and open the borders only appeases noxious radicals, puts the country in danger from more drugs and crime, and strips heroic border agents of a vital security tool.

Tellingly, the White House’s border policies frequently aim for the approval of progressive Democrats, usually in Washington or comfortable environs, far from the rugged Arizona or Texas border.

In this way, we all are placed in more danger and lose.


A.J. Kaufman
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