Commentary: When Joe Biden can easily defeat COVID, the pandemic is over

The virus has become background noise to most of us.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks and participates in a Q&A at the Business Roundtable Quarterly Meeting in March. (White House/Flickr)

Like over 90% of the 100 million or so Americans who’ve contracted COVID-19, President Joe Biden pushed through it successfully.

Nearing age 80, and with assorted medical maladies, he’s in a high-risk group, but as the president reminded us ad nauseam, he’s also double vaxxed and double boosted, which supposedly reduces the odds for serious illness.

But another lesson — one you won’t hear from legacy media — is that Biden’s age and tenuous health status reaffirms that the pandemic is as over as the Peloponnesian War. “COVID forever” lunatics can save their hate mail; honest observers who read, think, and travel the country know this.

If bureaucrats want to push jabs into those who need them and treat cases as they arise, go ahead. But absolutely no vaccine mandates or useless masking is necessary any more, especially on infants, which is akin to child abuse.

Our media elites encompass bubbles of ignorance and want power, so 29 long months later, they still promote public health bureaucrats to brainwash the nation that we are in March 2020. These wholly political, anti-science edicts ignore that the virus has become background noise to most of us, especially since we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

In Gov. Gavin Newsom’s failed California, they’re dumb enough to act on their ignorance. The San Diego Unified School District inexplicably has brought back mask mandates; Los Angeles and its corrupt health director with a doctorate in social justice was itching to reinstitute public indoor masking requirements, before backtracking late Thursday.

Federal health authorities are recommending all children under 12 get vaccinated, even though science shows very few need to; in fact, the former White House coronavirus response coordinator recently admitted she knew the COVID vaccines did not protect against infection.

Broad COVID restrictions are useless and destructive. Liberal states and counties that went to the extreme had health outcomes no more favorable than ones that did next to nothing. Worse, they destroyed lives with worse economic and societal outcomes.

Kids are incredibly low-risk; the very elderly and immunocompromised who are vulnerable can vaccinate as needed, even if their risks are minimal.

Case rates are as meaningless as natural summer weather patterns. Hospitalization rates? They mean very little when they include those hospitalized with COVID on top of smaller numbers hospitalized because of it. Death rates can be a lagging indicator, but they’re not rising rapidly, and the data methodology is notoriously flawed.

Time, valuable resources, and energy wasted on needless fear should be spent on more important matters.

Mentally-deranged lefties can panic, but this pandemic is over and it’s not coming back. New variants, we are told, are more virulent, but more importantly, less toxic. Some form of coronavirus will be with us in perpetuity, but with minimal risk.

And experts, academics, and progressive politicians are not helping; they are pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with your best interests.

In the meantime, it’s summer; go enjoy the outdoors, where even the New York Times once confessed, “There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions.”


A.J. Kaufman
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A.J. Kaufman is an Alpha News columnist. His work has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Florida Sun-Sentinel, Indianapolis Star, Israel National News, Orange County Register, St. Cloud Times, Star-Tribune, and across AIM Media Midwest and the Internet. Kaufman previously worked as a school teacher and military historian.