Democrat Senate Minority Leader Introduced Bill Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

Senator Hayden said that the prohibition of cannabis has caused harm to Minnesotans

Image From Senator Hayden's Facebook
Image From Senator Hayden's Facebook

Senator Jeff Hayden Introduced a bill that would allow for adult recreational use of Cannabis.

The bill would create the Cannabis Management Board, and make legal the use, transport, and sale of cannabis for non-medical use. Adults 21 and over would be allowed to smoke, and use in vape products, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the chemical compound that results in the feeling of being high.


The use of such products would not be allowed while driving motor vehicles or under the influence of cannabis products and would be subject to the same rules as cigarettes in no-smoking areas.

The bill will allow citizens to have up to 10 pounds of marijuana at their residents and individuals could grow up 8 cannabis plants. 

Selling cannabis would require a license to do so, and advertising the sale of cannabis have some restrictions

Senator Hayden was the only author for the senate bill, but the House companion of the bill has 34 authors, all DFL.

Judah Torgerud

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