Dennis Prager, Amala Ekpunobi to speak in Minnesota Friday night

Today is the last day of ticket sales.

This Friday, PragerU host Dennis Prager and rising star Amala Ekpunobi will kick off an evening of revelry, camaraderie, and reflection for a packed room of Minnesotans. American Experiment’s Annual Dinner Gala has become a favorite for conservatives over the last thirty years (yes, thirty) and Dennis’ appearance promises to continue that tradition. He and his younger associate will follow the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Tucker Carlson, and former President George H.W. Bush — which could be an intimidating act to follow, if not for our two guests’ own wit and wisdom.

It can be difficult for conservative organizations to get young people (like myself) excited about our policies and values, much less our events. But the last five to ten years have been kind to us, and today’s conservative movement is blessed with an abundance of passionate, exciting, and easy-to-relate-to voices — voices like Prager and Ekpunobi’s, which makes our work much easier. 22-year-old Amala is a testament to this shift, as a leftist activist turned conservative influencer with over one million Youtube subscribers on her channel Unapologetic. Her story speaks for itself, and I’m excited to hear it live on Friday.

In fact, in a promising sign of the times, this year’s room will be filled with more Minnesota conservatives under 24 than ever before. There will be talking, laughing, dining, and later in the evening (if you’re up for it), dancing, courtesy of our Young Leaders Council After-Party.

Today is the last day of ticket sales (get yours here!). If you can’t be with us for the dinner, I hope you’ll come to one of our other events — we hosted nearly fifty last year across the state.

Cheers to being a champion of common sense, a defender of liberty, and of course, a proud Minnesotan. And welcome to Dennis and Amala!


Grace Bureau