Detransitioner: ‘Gender-affirming health care ruined my life’

A bill seeks to make Minnesota a "refuge" for "gender-affirming health care" for children. Prisha Mosley says that type of "health care" has ruined her life.

Prisha Mosley, 25, told her emotional story this week on Liz Collin Reports. (Photos provided to Alpha News)

A Michigan woman says her personal story should serve as a warning to Minnesota lawmakers debating a bill at the State Capitol.

The bill seeks to make Minnesota a “refuge” for so-called “gender-affirming health care” for children.

Prisha Mosley says that type of “health care” has “ruined her life.”

Mosley, 25, told her emotional story this week on Liz Collin Reports.

“I was already very mentally ill when the trans community found me. They started telling me all of the symptoms were because I was born in the wrong body,” Mosley said.

She began struggling with mental health issues as a young teenager.

“I had a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and anorexia,” Mosley said. “My parents were very scared because I had already attempted suicide at that point. That was used by the trans community as proof that they weren’t affirming me as much.”

She explained the cult-like behavior of the transgender movement.

“The term is love bombing, it’s a term used by cults,” she said. “It’s where they shower you with love and affection so that you need it and then they have control over you.”

“We literally have an affirmation-only model when it comes to all of this. Everything I went through was because I was a boy or trans,” Mosley recalled.

Mosley said her first appointment in the transition process lasted just 15 minutes as the doctor asked leading questions.

“Like, ‘Do you hate your period? Do you have a hard time getting along with other girls?’” she said.

“The answer to all of that was yes. Well, that just goes to show that you are a boy,” the doctor told her.

Mosley also realized that a letter of recommendation was already filled out before the appointment began.

“The letter was already sitting on her computer typed up when I walked in. In minutes she was writing my name,” Mosley said.

“I’ve used the phrase ‘chasing the dragon.’ Once the testosterone wore off then it was top surgery. It was like what was the next thing I needed,” she added.

Mosley had top surgery as soon as she turned 18. She paid several thousand dollars in cash for the surgery and put the rest on a medical credit card.

Prisha Mosley, 25, told her emotional story this week on Liz Collin Reports. (Photos provided to Alpha News)

She started therapy in her 20s and that’s when she realized she needed to fix her brain, not her body.

“I quit testosterone cold turkey,” she said.

Then, about a year ago she got into a relationship with a man who had a daughter who clocked her “as a woman” right away.

“I was like that’s it. I can’t keep doing this,” Mosley said.

She posted an emotional video diary of her full story in October. It’s received thousands of views.

Mosley has been open with her story ever since, but she says the backlash has been swift from the trans community.

“They hate me. About half of them pretend I don’t exist,” she said.

She has testified before against a similar bill as Minnesota’s.

“‘Thanks for killing 1.6 million kids,’ I’ve been told. I hear horrible things like this every single day,” Mosley continued, saying these attacks frighten her.

“The only thing that’s more frightening is this happening to more people. That’s way more horrifying,” she said.

Mosley still doesn’t know if she can ever have children as “nothing is normal,” she said. “Doctors started injecting me with testosterone into my anorexic body.”

Mosley weighed in on the Minnesota House and Senate bills.

The language of the bill would allow minors to travel to Minnesota to receive “gender-affirming” treatments without parental consent.

Under the bill, an “unfit parent in a state court outside of Minnesota can still bring that child to Minnesota to get a life-altering medical treatment,” explained Renee Carlson, general counsel for True North Legal.

“[The bill] takes away custody from parents or guardians who deny their children access to gender-affirming health care, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones,” Rebecca Delahunt, director of public policy for Minnesota Family Council, said during a legislative committee hearing.

“That horrifies me to my core,” Mosley said of the potential legislation. “Parents are being forced to mutilate their children. It’s horrific.”



Liz Collin

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