DFL candidate supported by Walz screams at teenage girls during Bob Kroll protest

Thompson was endorsed by the Minnesota DFL Party and Gov. Tim Walz in his campaign for the State Legislature.

Gov. Tim Walz with Rep. John Thompson. (John Thompson/Twitter)

A DFL-endorsed candidate for the Minnesota House screamed profanities at a group of teenage girls during a protest Saturday outside the home of Bob Kroll in Hugo, Minnesota.

“I’m a black man being terrorized by this f–ing Klansman right here,” shouted John Thompson, who won his primary Tuesday for House District 67A. “Y’all got the grand wizard living in your [vulgarity] neighborhood.”

“Don’t run now. Don’t run now racist white people. I’m here. Oh yeah, we pull up. We pulled the f– up,” Thompson continued. “Blue lives ain’t s–, and if people here don’t support black people, f– Hugo, Minnesota.”

While he was shouting, Thompson was looking in the direction of a group of four to five teenage girls who were standing on their front driveway and watching the demonstration. One of their acquaintances was apparently wearing a “blue lives matter” shirt, but had gone back inside.

Thompson was endorsed by the Minnesota DFL Party and Gov. Tim Walz in his campaign for the State Legislature.

“I’ve known John for years. His fierce advocacy and commitment to his community is exactly what’s needed in the State Legislature right now. I look forward to working with him as the next State Representative for 67A,” Walz said in his endorsement.

He also received the endorsement of Attorney General Keith Ellison and Rep. Betty McCollum.

Thompson’s comments were made during a Saturday protest outside Kroll’s home in Hugo, Minnesota. Kroll, a supporter of President Donald Trump and head of the Minneapolis police union, has faced calls to resign ever since he promised to fight for the jobs of the officers involved in George Floyd’s death.

Alpha News was on the ground during the demonstration, filming protesters as they marched through Kroll’s suburban neighborhood.

Update: Additional footage of Thompson’s speech showed him wondering why protesters “were so peaceful.” He then told a man holding a blue lives matter sign to “take that sign” and “stick it in [his] ass.”

“We coming for everything that you motherf–ers took from us,” he added. “This whole [vulgarity] state burned down for 20 [vulgarity] dollars. You think we give a f– about burning Hugo down?”


Anthony Gockowski

Anthony Gockowski is Editor-in-Chief of Alpha News. He previously worked as an editor for The Minnesota Sun and Campus Reform, and wrote for the Daily Caller.