Diamond and Silk: President Trump is saving black lives

While everyone is worried about the coronavirus, black folks are especially vulnerable, and we need all the help we can get. Fortunately, Donald J. Trump is a President for ALL Americans, and he’s got our back.

COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting black communities across the United States, and our President is not happy about that. That’s why he is doing whatever it takes to stop the virus from spreading and protect the most vulnerable among us.

Since the start of this deadly pandemic, Democrats and the Fake News Media have been feeding us constant misinformation just to try to hit President Donald Trump, and they have been hurting us in the process. When he very rightly decided to limit travel from China in early January, outlets such as MSNBC told their heavily black audience that he was being racist. Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden accused the President of “xenophobia,” “hysteria,” and “fear mongering.” The untrustworthy Trump-haters are now backtracking and denying they ever took the virus lightly, while thousands of black Americans continue to be infected by this deadly disease every day.

President Trump’s critics care so much about partisan sniping that they’re even willing to put our lives in danger. Just look at the biased media’s coverage of hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug that has saved the lives of many COVID-19 patients, including Democratic State Representative Karen Whitsett. A young black survivor from the coronavirus hotspot of Michigan, Whitsett credits the President with her survival because he advocated for the experimental treatment early on, directing the Food and Drug Administration to grant it immediate approval for off-label use as well as to expedite clinical testing of its effectiveness.

Other Democrats, such as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, have recklessly urged Americans to stay away from the drug — apparently for no better reason than that President Trump is the one promoting it — even as evidence mounts that the President was on to something all along.

Of course, ensuring that we thoroughly investigate promising options such as hydroxychloroquine is just one of the many ways our President is making sure the American people are well taken care of throughout this crisis.

He’s making sure that the health care professionals who are on the front lines in the war against coronavirus are well stocked with hydroxychloroquine. Our national stockpile is already equipped with nearly 30 million hydroxychloroquine pills that can be rapidly distributed to clinics all across the country.

The stockpile has already supplied hospitals in COVID-19 hotspots such as New York and New Jersey with millions of N95 masks, gloves, surgical masks, and gowns — and additional quantities are being imported every day through the Trump administration’s Project Airbridge operation. More than 3 million coronavirus tests have already been conducted under the Trump administration, and counting.

Even better, a new antibody test pending approval from the FDA is expected to be produced at the rate of 20 million tests a month, with about 1 million expected to reach hospitals and labs by the end of this week. The antibody testing is a key part of President Trump’s plan to protect our most vulnerable citizens and carefully reopen the economy.

disproportionate share of the jobs and businesses that are being lost because of economic shutdowns are those held by black Americans. President Trump knows that financial hardship and despair can cause as much human suffering as any pandemic, which is why the CARES Act is providing direct cash relief payments to nearly every American adult to help struggling families make it through this crisis.

Small businesses, which employ nearly half the American workforce, have received crucial assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program, which has already distributed the full $350 billion that Congress initially appropriated. President Trump is now urging Congress to pony up an additional $250 billion to make sure that all businesses are able to take advantage of this program, reminding lawmakers that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy.

Democrats love to present themselves as the saviors of black people in America, but the truth is that President Trump has done more for the black community than any other president in history. He has secured more funding for historically black colleges and universities than any previous president, and his support for the historic FIRST STEP Act was decisive in securing landmark criminal justice reforms that eliminated long-standing racial inequities. Thanks to President Trump’s excellent management of the economy over the first three years of his administration, the black community gained over a million new jobs, allowing us to achieve the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded.

That track record should give black Americans confidence that we won’t be ignored by our government in this time of crisis. While everyone is worried about the coronavirus, black folks are especially vulnerable, and we need all the help we can get. Fortunately, Donald J. Trump is a President for ALL Americans, and he’s got our back.

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, “Diamond and Silk,” are vloggers, commentators and Fox Nation personalities who describe themselves as “President Trump’s most loyal supporters.”

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