Dr. James Lindsay warns Minnesotans of ‘indoctrination, brainwashing’ in public schools

Lindsay’s new book, “The Marxification of Education,” examines the left’s “theft” of the education system.

Dr. James Lindsay speaks at a Child Protection League event Wednesday. (Alpha News)

Popular author and commentator Dr. James Lindsay spoke at a Child Protection League event Wednesday to discuss what he described as Marxist ideology plaguing the nation’s public schools.

Lindsay’s new book, “The Marxification of Education,” examines the left’s “theft” of the education system. He has been touring the country and world speaking to audiences about this topic, and Minnesota was the 43rd state he visited to share his message.

Lindsay, an expert in cultural Marxism, advocates for teaching children to think for themselves and educating parents on how to help make that happen. Some states, Minnesota included, are “worse than others” when it comes to the public education system.

“If our kids become indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that what was the United States is awful and bad and needs to be replaced by a new People’s Republic of the United States or USSA … Is it still the United States? Is that all it takes?” he said. “And that’s really the question we all find ourselves facing.”

Lindsay believes the left understands this — that if they “get the children, they get the future.”

In schools today, students are measured by their “competency,” but “competency-based education” is just a buzzword, he said.

“If it’s a buzzword, it hides an agenda,” he said. “Are you competent in racial justice? … Are you LGBT-empathy competent?”

This method, along with social-emotional learning, leaves the door open to a “social credit system” for children, Lindsay explained.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) sounds harmless, but “core competencies” like “self-awareness” teach kindergartners to be highly “aware” of race and gender, he explained. SEL is all about “equity, inclusion, sustainability,” Lindsay said. In older classrooms, teachers use SEL to open up political discussions

To the audience, Lindsay said, “You are cursed because you are here … You are cursed because when you know that there is something happening like this, your soul won’t let you rest until you do something about it.”

He encouraged attendees to “be afraid of the right things” — a communist takeover of education, for example. Don’t be afraid of harassment or losing your job in standing up for your children’s future, he said.

Listen to Lindsay’s recent discussion with Liz Collin here.


Rose Williams

Rose Williams is an assistant editor for Alpha News.