Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘Unsafe’ COVID vaccines ‘need to be pulled off the market’

A strain of bird flu that has now infected three humans could pose "a giant threat to the food supply," McCullough said.

Dr. Peter McCullough joined Liz Collin Reports this week to share his insights. (Alpha News)

An outspoken doctor continues to be vocal in his opposition to COVID-19 vaccines despite backlash from the media and medical establishment. Now, he’s bringing attention to a strain of bird flu showing up in humans.

Dr. Peter McCullough joined Liz Collin Reports this week to share his insights.

“It’s game on for bird flu,” he said. “We’ve been following this at McCullough Foundation very carefully.”

This strain of bird flu is a “form of gain of function” that infects mallard ducks, which then spread it to chickens and cattle, he said.

“We’ve had a mild human case in Texas, a new one today in Michigan and now one in Australia,” he explained. “So animal handlers will get it. It’s very mild so far.”

Historically, bird flu has shown a 52.7% mortality rate in underdeveloped countries, McCullough explained, but he believes the “nasal sprays and gargles and the antivirals, antibiotics” today will help to stay on top of it.

McCullough also thinks humans will be “relatively unthreatened,” but food supplies will take a hit.

“It’s going to be a giant threat to this food supply, as the main method of managing this is culling — that’s destroying the poultry flocks and the cattle herds,” he said.

“All the agencies from Gavi [the Vaccine Alliance] to WHO, World Economic Forum, have all said this is it,” McCullough commented.

COVID vaccines ‘not effective’

Dr. McCullough has never recommended his patients take the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, the CDC is pushing the 10th shot of the vaccine this spring, something never seen before, he said.

“We’ve never had a vaccine with 10 shots. The vaccines are not safe. They’re not effective. I’ve never recommended them in my practice. [I’ve made] multiple calls to pull them off the market,” McCullough said. “They just need to be pulled off the market.”

McCullough said patients with doctors who recommend the COVID vaccine are “heading for the doors” and looking for doctors they can trust.

“On the vaccines, doctors should have been neutral because we didn’t know what was going to happen. And once it became clear that they were unsafe, doctors should have told their patients to stay away from the vaccines,” he said.

“Doctors should have always treated high-risk patients early with multi-drug protocols to prevent hospitalization and death, like McCullough Protocol, the most widely-used protocol in the world.”

The media, including Wikipedia, have bashed McCullough for his so-called “discredited” treatments and for spreading “misinformation” that goes against “public health recommendations.”

McCullough said all of that was worth it.

“If I helped a single person, it was worth it. A single person. And as a doctor, I took an oath to preserve life, to do no harm,” he said.

In his position as a doctor, researcher and epidemiologist, he saw an opportunity to “take on a leadership role” during the pandemic. His McCullough Protocol is “fully peer-reviewed and published, and widely disseminated” now to support both long COVID and side effects from the vaccine, he said.

“A key part of this now is people waking up and understanding if they’ve taken the shots, that they’re at risk, they should seek help,” he said.

McCullough is the author of “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death while Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.”


Rose Williams

Rose Williams is an assistant editor for Alpha News.