‘Eat sh*t Matt Birk,’ Walz staffer says after election win

Campaign finance records confirm Witmer was on the payroll of Walz's reelection campaign.

Gov. Tim Walz participates in a Zoom meeting with his signature "One Minnesota" slogan behind him. (Tim Walz/Facebook)

A staffer for Democratic Gov. Tim Walz’s re-election bid took to Twitter last week to tell Matt Birk to “eat sh*t” following Walz’s 52-44% victory over GOP candidate Scott Jensen on Nov. 8.

“Us women like having careers AND abortion rights just fine,” Kendall Witmer said.

Witmer was alluding to remarks Birk made following the overturning of the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling this summer. At the time, Birk, who ran as Jensen’s lieutenant governor candidate, told a National Right to Life event that the abortion industry was pressuring women to have careers at the expense of motherhood.

“Our culture loudly but also stealthily promotes abortion,” he said. “They’re telling women they should look a certain way. They should have careers, all these things.”

After criticism from left-wing media outlets like ABC’s The View, Birk clarified that he meant the abortion industry doesn’t “promote motherhood” enough and instead chooses to focus solely on abortion and encouraging women to enter the workforce.

Alpha News reached out to Witmer for comment but did not receive a response by the time this story went to print. Campaign finance records confirm Witmer was on the payroll of Walz’s reelection campaign.

Witmer has been active on Twitter since Walz’s victory, touting the campaign’s messaging on abortion and other issues.

Jensen had come under fire by pro-lifers for backtracking on abortion, which Walz made a centerpiece of his campaign.

“In Minnesota, it’s a protected constitutional right, and no governor can change that,” Jensen said in an ad. “And I’m not running to do that. I’m running because we need safe streets, excellent schools, parental rights and more money in the family budget.”

Jensen previously called himself a “pro-life champion” and expressed support for a complete abortion ban. He later said he would allow for exceptions for rape and incest because “the mother’s life could be in danger quite readily without us seeing it.”


Stephen Kokx

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