Editorial: Letter from Republican Endorsed Candidate Jeremy Munson in 23B Special Election

With the January 29 primary approaching, Jeremy Munson, the only Republican Endorsed Candidate in the District 23B race to replace Tony Cornish, is asking for your vote.

Jeremy Munson
Photo Courtesy Munson for House

I am Jeremy Munson, the only Republican Endorsed Candidate in the District 23B race to replace Tony Cornish, and I am asking for your vote in the primary on Jan. 29th. As your Representative, I will hold our government accountable and serve our rural interests. I will fight for us, and not simply be part of the moderate problem that continues to grow the government. We need a Representative who understands our issues and will get things done. I am not a career politician. I am not running to further my political career. I will represent our rural interests and not be beholden to big government groups. I am running to represent our district because we need real solutions to our healthcare costs. I am running to represent our district, because I am tired of big government with lots of wasteful spending, high taxes and overreaching regulations. I am running to represent our district to protect our second amendment rights and pro-life conservative values.

We need to fix the healthcare problem that disproportionately impacts our rural communities. This is a problem that hurts hard working families, small businesses, farmers, entrepreneurs, and employees of small companies. As someone who has lost insurance due to Obamacare, I know our healthcare system needs to be fixed. This is a cause, not a political opportunity for me. Like many people in our district, we had private insurance through Blue Cross which was cancelled, and our only option was to buy insurance through MNSure. Last year, the cheapest policy available through MNSure, from the only provider in Blue Earth County was over $24,600, plus a $13,000 deductible, for a family of four. That’s more than $37,000, before the insurance company pays one dime. That does not meet my definition of insurance.

We must focus on the health insurance problem, as well as, the cost of healthcare. We need real solutions for solving our healthcare crisis that involve free markets and price transparency at the doctor’s office and pharmacy. We should have the option of shopping across state lines for our insurance, and shopping between providers for our care. Currently, if you have insurance with a high deductible and you walk into a doctor’s office and ask what an MRI costs – they don’t know. They won’t tell you. They are not competing against other doctors.

Fifteen years ago, Lasik Eye Surgery cost $5,000 or more. But because insurance companies don’t cover it – doctors were forced to display their prices and compete for your business. They needed to improve the technology, increase the level of service and lower the cost and even advertise. Now it’s under $1,000 and sometimes even $399 per eye. Price transparency at the doctor’s office is the strongest tool to lower health care costs, and will drive down our health insurance costs. We need a Representative that understands and values the power of the free market, not someone who believes in government mandates. We need a Representative who is not part of the problem, but part of the solution. We need to get things done. We do not need a continuation of the same old big government ideas we are currently facing.

We need a Representative who not only supports our farmers and small businesses, but understands the challenges they face. Our farmers, small businesses and hard-working families are struggling due to our high healthcare costs, taxes and overreaching regulations. We need to address our state’s high income, property and death taxes.We need a Representative who will hold government responsible for every dollar it spends. Last year, our state budget increased by more than 9%. This must stop. We need common sense solutions that do not break the bank. We are already one of the highest taxed states in the country. I am the only candidate who signed the Minnesota Taxpayers Pledge, promising to oppose tax increases.

We need a Representative who will improve the business environment in MN, so we can grow our companies, help our farmers, and attract new jobs to our communities. Apple recently announced it will be investing $30 Billion into growing its US operations. It will not be investing here in Minnesota if our taxes and regulations put Minnesota companies at a competitive disadvantage. Trump’s vision was to bring jobs back from China and Mexico. I want to bring jobs back from Sioux Falls, SD and from Wisconsin.

We need someone who will stand up for our family values and fight for our constitutional rights. I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights. I have my concealed carry license and enjoy hunting with family and friends. I earned the highest possible score for a non incumbent from both Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and Minnesota Gun Rights. I support life from conception to natural death. In fact, I am the only candidate endorsed by the MCCL.

I am running, because I want to serve the people in our district. I live on a farm outside Lake Crystal with my wife, Kallie Eberhart Munson, and our two daughters, Stella (10) and Gretta (7). Our children attend school in Lake Crystal and our family attends church in Madelia. I graduated with a business degree from the University of Minnesota. I am a self-employed small business owner. However, prior to starting my business consulting business, I farmed row crops and worked in a hog barn full time for my father in-law. The core of my career, however, has been spent working as a business consultant, helping businesses become more efficient, effective and profitable. This means working across organizations to root out inefficient processes and wasteful spending, then advocating for a specific solution. These skills will help to reduce government spending. We need a Representative who will not simply copy what has been done, but a representative who is proactive and will introduce new ideas.

This election is important. I am committed to win and change the direction of politics in this state. If you are looking for the swamp to be drained, I have the tools and convictions to see that it happens. Please vote in the Monday, January 29th Primary for me, Jeremy Munson and let’s send a message to the career politicians in St Paul that they are out of step with the values of our district. It’s time for our conservative values to lead the next decade in Minnesota government. God bless.

Alpha News Staff