EXCLUSIVE: Will MyPillow Mogul Run for Office?

Mike Lindell with Donald Trump and Mike Pence
Mike Lindell on Twitter: "I give all my credibility to @realdonaldtrump and @mike_pence ! "

Mike Lindell Says He’s Not Ruling Out a 2018 Gubernatorial Run

Chaska, MN – Mike Lindell, CEO and Inventor of Minnesota based MyPillow, may be considering a jump into politics.  

In an exclusive interview with Alpha News, we asked the business mogul about a potential 2018 run for Minnesota governor. Lindell said, “I’m not going to rule it out.”  

After meeting with President-elect Donald Trump in August, Lindell said he had never been so passionate about a presidential candidate, “because he was everything I’d ever wanted in a president, and I’m not kidding. And so I put everything, my heart and soul into it (supporting Trump).”

His support for the POTUS-elect did not come without a price: as Alpha News reported, the Better Business Bureau downgraded its rating for MyPillow from an A+ to an F after Lindell went public with his support for Trump.  That hasn’t dampened Lindell’s passion for the President-elect. He is headed out to Washington, D.C. for Trump’s inauguration, where he is excited about meeting many other like-minded business people as well as national and global leaders.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell speaking at the Nov. 4 Trump rally in Minnesota.
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell speaking at the Nov. 4 Trump rally in Minnesota.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Lindell spoke at Trump’s last-minute rally in Minnesota on Nov. 4.  He said he was very nervous about speaking, but former 2012 presidential candidate and US Representative, Michele Bachmann helped to allay  some of his fear.  Chuckling, Lindell related the experience:  “I was scared to death doing it.  Michele Bachmann came up to me – I didn’t know her – but Michele Bachmann came up to me and said ‘You look like you need to pray.’” With the help of prayer from Bachmann, Lindell delivered his speech, after which he said “everybody and their brother” was asking him if he had considered running for governor.  He said he and his friend, Saturday Night Live actor, Joe Piscopo had talked privately about jumping into politics, with Piscopo recently deciding to make a run for governor of New Jersey.

Running for office is just one more thing that Lindell might add to his already full plate.  He told Alpha News he has three new products he plans to launch with MyPillow, which will lead to the need to hire thousands more workers at the company. Lindell had a documentary of his life air on December 29, 2016, and plans to publish an autobiography later this year.

He also plans to launch the Mike Lindell Foundation in Minnesota later this month, which is a project he is very excited about.  

Lindell has been in talks about his future plans for his foundation with Trump’s HUD nominee, Dr. Ben Carson, since meeting the renowned doctor at the National Prayer Breakfast. He also has partnerships planned with groups like Union Gospel Mission, Minnesota Teen Challenge and Love, Inc. for projects to rebuild Minnesota’s inner-cities and to help people in need.  

The idea of running for office is appealing to him as well.  He believes that Minnesota “is right on the threshold of breaking out of what we’ve been suppressed by so long because of the democrat liberals in this state.”  

First, however, he plans to attend Trump’s inauguration.  Lindell told Alpha News he will have a role in the ceremonies, but was unable to divulge what that role would be at the time. “I can’t say right now what I’m going to be doing, but it will be pretty cool if they televise it.”

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Andrea Mayer-Bruestle

Andrea Mayer-Bruestle is a former writer for Alpha News.