Exclusive – Pete Hegseth Talks About Possible VA Secretary Post

MN Native on Trump’s shortlist for VA Secretary speaks to the media for the first time since being considered

St. Paul, MN – One of Minnesota’s own is being considered by President-elect Donald Trump for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Speaking to media for the first time since being considered for the position, Fox News Contributor and long-time veterans advocate Pete Hegseth tells Alpha News about being considered. 

“There’s nothing I can do or comment about that will change the President-elect’s mind,” said Hegseth at a Minnesota PAC Christmas party Tuesday, “so what I haven’t been doing is lobbying for the position or anything like that, but it’s been interesting to think that it could be a possibility, and I’m certainly grateful and humbled for being considered.”

Hegseth is joined on the shortlist for the position by former Vice Presidential Candidate and Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, as well as former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Hegseth has a number of veterans issues he’ll have to tackle if chosen, including dealing with veterans healthcare and pensions. 

“There’s a lot of different things you can do, and the VA has been hostile, unfortunately, to a lot of outside groups that provide good care, but the VA rejects them.  So there’s a way to build partnerships and give veterans options that I think expands the menu of opportunity for vets right now” Hegseth says. 

Hegseth met with Trump shortly after the election, but couldn’t comment on the details of his meeting with the future President. There’s no word yet on when Trump will make his final decision.

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