Family doc accuses Jensen of ‘unethical’ practices, advocates for puberty blockers for kids

"Did you know in many states you can get certain types of health care without your parents being there or ever finding out about it?" the family physician asked in one video.

Dr. Rose Marie Leslie (Libs of TikTok/Twitter)

A Minnesota family physician who accused Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen of “unethical” and “non-evidence based” medical practices believes children should have access to puberty blockers and hormone therapy.

Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, who was identified in December 2020 as the “number one most impactful content creator” on TikTok, posted on the platform a video openly supporting “gender transitions” for children, according to a recent tweet from Libs of TikTok.

While discussing a New York Times article on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s push to investigate puberty blockers and hormone therapy as “child abuse,” Dr. Leslie referred to such treatments as “vital health care for transgender kids.”

“Giving gender-affirming care to transgender children is medically necessary and supports their health and well-being,” she claimed.

According to her webpage on Allina Health, some of Dr. Leslie’s “professional interests” — aside from her specialty in family medicine — include “contraceptive methods, weight-neutral care, and LGBTQ care.”

In the video posted by Libs of TikTok, Leslie also encouraged teenagers to check their state’s health department website to see if they can seek health care without the knowledge of their parents.

“Did you know in many states you can get certain types of health care without your parents being there or ever finding out about it?” the family physician asked.

On Sunday, Leslie, who rose to social media fame for her TikTok videos attempting to debunk so-called “misinformation” about the COVID pandemic, called for a “Physicians Against Scott Jensen campaign,” criticizing the Republican gubernatorial hopeful over his views on COVID vaccines and treatments.

“We all know he is a Covid denier practicing unethical and non-evidence based medicine,” she tweeted.

Leslie also admitted to helping censor Dr. Jensen on social media for his beliefs.

“I worked with fellow docs to get him kicked off TikTok for misinformation. Time for him to go,” she added.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Leslie has ostensibly deleted her Twitter account and set her TikTok account with over 900,000 followers to private.

“Dr. Leslie uses her personal social media platforms to express her own beliefs. In that capacity, she is not representing Allina Health,” Allina Health told Alpha News.

Jensen’s treatment of COVID patients with ivermectin has been the purported subject of the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice’s fifth investigation into his medical license. As part of the investigation he has had to turn over medical records of the patients to whom he prescribed ivermectin.

Jensen has previously criticized the “weaponization” of the Board of Medical Practice.

“If you look up ‘juggernaut,’ you are talking about a massive, inexorable force. And that’s what the Board of Medical Practice is for physicians,” Jensen said in a June video posted to Twitter. “This is crippling to a physician, to be under investigation. Add on to it that I have had a wonderful career … and for the last two years, I have been forced to live under the cloud of a constant investigation.”

“And I have not heard one word in the last 100 to 150 days. Is this intentional? Is this political? I understand the board is being weaponized, but I think the board owes me some dignity and courtesy,” he added.


Evan Stambaugh

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