Fully Charged: Public schools focus on social issues at the expense of academic excellence

Kendall and Sheila Qualls discuss how progressives are using schools to push their agenda at the expense of academic excellence on this week's episode of Fully Charged.

Kendall and Sheila Qualls on this week's episode of Fully Charged. (Alpha News)

Parents should be allowed to decide where their children go to school, Kendall and Sheila Qualls said on this week’s episode of the Fully Charged podcast.

The episode focuses on the indoctrination taking place in America’s schools, making school choice a hot-button issue.

“If it’s not for you, it should be,” said Kendall Qualls, president of TakeCharge.

Critical race theory (CRT) and gender ideology appear to be the main focus of our public education system, said Sheila Qualls, executive director of TakeCharge. She said progressives are pushing their agenda at the expense of academic excellence.

“(CRT) does nothing to improve math skills or reading proficiency. That’s the primary reason we send our kids to school,” said Mr. Qualls.

“We try to help people understand what CRT is and why it will never work,” Mrs. Qualls said.

“Progressives had to find a way to make it relevant in the U.S. They inserted the emotionally-charged word ‘race’ and critical theory morphed into critical race theory. It teaches kids the most important thing about you is your race — not character or values,” she continued.

Controlling language is important to the success of CRT, she said. “Whoever controls the language, controls the culture. You tell the white kids, ‘You’re racist.’ You tell the black kids, ‘You’re a victim.'”

Mr. Qualls insisted the racial disparities we see in school are not due to systemic racism.

“They’re using racial disparities to justify their agenda. The disparities are not racial. They are two-parent disparities,” he said, referencing the fact that 80 percent of homes in the black community lack a father.

“A lot of well-meaning white people think they are doing the right thing by endorsing CRT. It’s not a new civil rights movement,” Mrs. Qualls said. “It has nothing to do with equality. It’s about equity. Equal outcomes — they make choices based on skin color, not merit or qualifications.”

Kendall and Sheila encouraged parents to get involved by being vocal and running for school board.

TakeCharge is a nonprofit that promotes the idea that the promise of America works for anyone, regardless of race or social standing. It also focuses on restoring the two-parent black family.



Alpha News Staff