Generation Indoctrination: Gay Marriage great, America not so much

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s kid-on-the-street interviews reveal how things have changed for American children. While most of the cute kids interviewed can explain gay marriage to the interviewer, only one child answered “America” when asked what was the best country in the world. The youngster explained “fun beaches” were the reason why America was great.

Kimmel observed on his show last week, “I grew up hearing that America is #1, and I never questioned that, and I was ‘we are #1 dammit, and we’ll kill anybody who says we aren’t.’”

Take a look:

With the Presidential election season in full swing, national security and immigration policy has taken center stage while domestic issues like education have fallen by the wayside. The United States was ranked 25th in the world for math, 27th for science, and 24th for reading according to the 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment, despite spending $12,731 per pupil for secondary students, more than all other countries except for Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland. 

Contributor Alpha News