New Bill By Republican Greg Davids Would Require bicyclists To Get Permits

The passes would cost $2 a day or $25 annually, along with a $1 issuance fee for both.

Photo by Andrew VonBank
Photo by Andrew VonBank

Legislation authored by Republican State Representative Greg Davids would require anyone 17 or older to carry a pass on them while they are bicycling on a state trail. The passes would have to be shown to police officers or conservation officers that request it, much like a driver’s license. The passes would cost $2 a day or $25 annually, along with a $1 issuance fee for both.

Under the legislation, MN citizens who’ve used the trails for decades would have to pay or receive a citation.

Davids did not respond to request for comment on this bill, his office said that other items were taking precedence during this time.

The passes would not be transferable, requiring a signature from the person riding the bicycle to be valid. Under the bill, the commissioner would be able to assign agents to sell the passes, but all funds generated by the sales would go towards selling more passes and maintenance of the trails.

Introduced in March 2020, the bill was referred to the Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Committee and has no companion bill, but is very similar to legislation authored by House Reps. Grossell, Layman, Heintzeman, and Daniels. Their bill has a companion in the Senate but hasn’t seen action since early 2019.

The bills seem to based on Wisconsin’s policy for many of its trails. 23 of its 44 its state trails require a bike pass, which costs $25 for a year pass or $5 a day.

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