Grief Unmasked Art Exhibit Opened in Rochester Art Center

"Our time in group is the one hour in the week when we can take off our masks."

Photo by John Kaul
Photo by John Kaul

A collaboration between Seasons Hospice Grief Education and Support (CGES) and the Rochester Art Center shows an exhibit called Grief Unmasked.

The exhibit, which opened July 1st, shows masks made by middle schoolers and High school students designed to express their emotions over the death of a loved one. The goal of the project is to help the students express their grief to the world in a hopefully therapeutic way.

“Our time in group is the one hour in the week when we can take off our masks,” was the line said by a student that inspired CGES Director Heidi Smith to start the project.

Director Smith worked with school counselors, social workers, and art teachers to organize mask making for the students, of which the value has been multi-dimensional.

“It has allowed them to give voice to and validate their grief when so often, friends and family may find it difficult to talk to them about their loss…” says a statement from the CGES.

There will be a virtual panel later in the summer with students who made masks, members of CGES, and co-facilitators. The exhibit will run at the Rochester Art Center until September 5th.

Judah Torgerud

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