Gutknecht: The Defense Becomes the Prosecution

If you are among the many who are beyond frustrated over the legal abuses that General Michael Flynn has endured, be of stout heart. The worm is about to turn. 

Gil Gutknecht

If you are among the many who are beyond frustrated over the legal abuses that General Michael Flynn has endured, be of stout heart. The worm is about to turn.

Clutching to the hope of a last-second Hail Mary pass, CNN gushed as they introduced the “esteemed” retired judge appointed by Judge Emmet Sullivan to take up the never-ending persecution of General Michael Flynn. “Nearly three decades ago,” CNN said, “John Gleeson made his name by successfully prosecuting the man known as ‘The Teflon Don.’” This turn represents the last slender reed upon which they and their fellow travelers might hang their hopes that the Russian Collusion narrative could yet be salvaged.

Presumably, the new “friend of the court” prosecutor will take up (and drag out) the case which the Department of Justice rightly decided to drop. Judge Gleeson may soon come to regret his decision to come out of retirement to accept this fool’s errand.

People with even a minimal understanding of jurisprudence gasped at this unprecedented outrage. Legal experts including liberal constitutional scholars like Professor Allan Dershowitz expressed deep concern. On The Ingraham Angle, he said bluntly, “Everybody seems to be weaponizing national security and other issues for political advantage. Now, enter Judge [Emmet] Sullivan, who has become the most partisan, the most political in this effort to try to resurrect the prosecution against Flynn.”

Without the heroic efforts of a courageous attorney named Sydney Powell, General Powell would be sitting in prison today. His original law firm milked him dry for terrible legal advice.

Thanks to AG Barr and Richard Grenell we now have a clear picture of the shameless and unethical tactics that Team Comey used to entrap General Flynn. Grenell wasted little time declassifying critical documents. The evidence is unbelievably damning. Let the liberal media squeal all they want about politicizing the AG’s office. To freedom-loving Americans, the conspirators’ tactics were disgraceful and antithetical to the Rule of Law.

So now Judge Sullivan together with Trump-hating retired Judge Gleeson want to re-litigate the case. Unwittingly, they have provided a golden opportunity to stick a fork in this story once and for all. Sydney Powell and General Flynn have probably figured this out already. Now the roles will be reversed, where the hunters become the hunted. The defense will become the prosecution. If the judge wants a show trial, let’s accommodate him.

Monday morning, Sydney Powell should announce that she is drafting a list of witnesses she intends to call, starting with James Comey and Robert Mueller. The list needs to include all the individuals who were at the center of the grand conspiracy. She should make it clear that she is eager to get them under oath and ask them some questions. Questions will need to be framed with an assumption that most of the perpetrators will take the Fifth. We already have all the evidence required. Questions like: “Mr. X, on December 12th you appeared on CNN and said the following (fill in the blank) didn’t you?” But, you testified under oath in front of the House Intelligence Committee that you had no evidence of Russian Collusion, correct? So Mr. X, please tell the court the predicate which you used to target my client?”

If Ms. Powell has trouble coming up with either appropriate questions or the list of witnesses, Tom Fitton, John Solomon or Congressman Jim Jordan could be helpful. This could become the most famous legal event since the Scopes Monkey Trial. If Judge Sullivan balks at allowing her to call witnesses and present new evidence, she could stage her own mock trial. Let the networks try to ignore it. Either way, the sordid story will get told.

It’s import because millions of Americans still don’t understand what really happened here.

General Flynn has been blessed with a rare opportunity. He attended War College, he must recognize that he has the high ground and superior artillery. His adversaries are now fully exposed, without armor. Their camouflage is gone. The fog has lifted. The moment of the pivotal battle is now upon us. Total victory is within our grasp. Seize the day!

Let the turkey shoot begin.

Gil Gutknecht

Gil Gutknecht is a former Republican congressman from Minnesota.