Gutknecht: Tired of Winning?

Normal Americans are well aware of both the tireless effort and the genuine accomplishments of this President. We are not tired of winning.

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Candidate Donald Trump promised that we would get tired of winning. When he said that we could almost hear the mainstream media rolling their eyes.

President Trump hasn’t deviated from his America First agenda. He has pursued it relentlessly. The media hasn’t deviated much from their agenda either. As Trump delivers on his promise to Make America Great Again, they feverishly work to make him look bad.  It’s a weird symbiotic relationship.

The more Trump succeeds, the more frustrated they become. It is pathetic to watch. A large portion of the media seems almost eager to sacrifice their credibility and audience in order to undermine this President. They have to know that many times more people are listening to Rush Limbaugh every day than are reading their papers or watching their primetime programming. That fact pushes them into even higher orbit. Brent Bozell pointed out recently that more Americans have pet chickens than watch primetime CNN.

Let that sink in.

Invitations to the best cocktail parties are small solace for the daily drubbing they are taking in readership, ratings and credibility. So, when the two year Russian ruse was laid bare by the Mueller Report, did they offer acts of contrition? Hardly. They did what many prevaricators do when the truth is closing in, they doubled down. Demonstrating once again that they’ve lost the ability to blush.

They ignored the jaw dropping Pew survey which found that more Americans now consider fake news a greater threat than terrorists. Back in the 60’s we held news people in high esteem. Today most reporters are viewed with distrust or disdain. They can blame Donald Trump, but he didn’t create the term “fake news”. He simply popularized it. It is the mainstream media that daily foists itself on its own stinky petard.

A generation ago, campaign schools taught that it was suicidal to get into spitting matches with skunks in the media. It was settled dogma that you “Never argue with a guy who buys his ink by the barrel and his paper by the roll.”

Donald Trump said nuts to that!

He had watched too many Republicans attempt to play nice with news people who had strong partisan agendas and weak scruples. Republicans who didn’t realize they were in a knife fight with vicious thugs until it was too late. Trump has demonstrated that we can call them out. He does so with gusto. Many would list that as one of his greatest accomplishments.

Although you wouldn’t know it by most media coverage, this President’s accomplishments are many.

Americans see an economy that is hitting on all cylinders. Real incomes are growing. Every demographic group is benefiting. Oil disruptions in the Middle East have little impact because we are now effectively energy independent. ISIS has been neutered. He is building the wall (with little help from even the Republicans on Capitol Hill).  The Mexican government finally understands the need to be part of the solution. Our embassy is now in Jerusalem. He is restocking the federal bench with real constitutional conservatives.

We are seeing progress on taming outrageous Rx drug prices. He has an Attorney General who is getting to the bottom of the coup conspiracy. We may soon see some of the high ranking co-conspirators in orange jump suits. Wall Street panic attacks not withstanding, the Chinese commissars now understand that they will either play by generally accepted trade rules or they can play with themselves. And Kim Jeong Un is reportedly so furious with advisors who argued against a denuclearization agreement that a few were terminated…literally.

This partial list helps explain why Americans feel more confident about their futures. Unfortunately the President’s re-election campaign will need to spend a King’s ransom to remind some voters of all the accomplishments. The media will never give him credit.

Normal Americans are well aware of both the tireless effort and the genuine accomplishments of this President.

We are not tired of winning.

Judging by the shameless war that the mainstream media continues to wage against President Trump, they are not yet tired of losing.

Gil Gutknecht writes about healthcare and political issues of the day from Rochester, MN.

Gil Gutknecht

Gil Gutknecht is a former Republican congressman from Minnesota.