Harlan Hill: Washington Post returns to low-grade Russia gossip, again

Exclusive from Harlan Hill After repeating all the lies, gossip, and innuendo for so long, it’s no surprise that reporters would have difficulty remembering which ones have already been discredited.

The Washington Post

The mainstream media spent so long peddling discredited conspiracy theories about “collusion” between the Trump Campaign and Russia that they keep forgetting that the hoax was roundly debunked by their own hand-picked investigator, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Even after both the Mueller Report and the more recent report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz thoroughly discredited the left’s outlandish Russiagate narrative, The Washington Post is still using absurd elements of that fairy tale to lash out at President Trump.

According to “former White House officials” — who, of course, spoke with the Post on condition of anonymity — President Trump believes Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election because Russian President Vladimir Putin told him so. It’s a ridiculous smear intended to reinforce the perception that our President is some kind of Russian agent — a notion that originated with a fictional “dossier” cooked up by a British spy as “opposition research” for the Hillary Clinton campaign, which corrupt officials at the FBI then pretended was credible in order to pursue a vendetta against President Trump.

But Ukrainian attempts to influence the 2016 election were undisputed until Democrats started trying to impeach President Trump.

Senator Ted Cruz spelled out the Democrats’ three shell monty game to Meet the Press. “You know, it’s hysterical. Two years ago, there was article after article after article, in the mainstream media, about Ukrainian interference in the elections,” Sen. Cruz said. “But now, the Democrats have no evidence of a crime, no evidence of violating the law. And so suddenly, Ukrainian interference is treated as the media clutches their pearls. ‘Oh, my goodness. You can’t say that.’”

Sen. Cruz was right: the media’s willingness to shift gears is a testament to their ruthlessly partisan efforts to take down President Trump. Anti-Trump bluster has replaced all journalistic standards.

Sadly, The Washington Post’s shenanigans are nothing new. For the past three years, the liberal media have ruthlessly manipulated their coverage in an effort to undermine the Trump presidency. They stoked Russia hysteria, teasing “bombshells” that turned out to be duds and convincing millions of Americans that the Mueller Report would produce a smoking gun. More recently, they’ve helped the Democrats perpetrate a sham impeachment based entirely on supposition and speculation.

Those rumors are then get cycled through the cable news echo chamber, where “expert” commentators get paid handsome salaries to discuss them as if they were credible. Former officials such as James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and Andrew McCabe have been trading on their establishment-insider status for years, raking in comfy speaking fees and gaining minor-celebrity status for joining the ranks of the “resistance.”

And the media uncritically presents everything they say, eagerly adding their best lines to the broader narrative.

After repeating all the lies, gossip, and innuendo for so long, it’s no surprise that reporters would have difficulty remembering which ones have already been discredited.

Harlan Hill is a political advisor, media commentator, and an advisory board member of the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Harlan Hill