Hodges Campaign Intern Posts Fake “Frey for Congress” Job Listing

Jacob Frey Credit: Facebook; Betsy Hodges Credit: Theater of Public Policy

Frey thinks fake online profiles is a concerted effort to discredit his image

Minneapolis, MN – An intern with Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges’ re-election campaign posted a fake job listing suggesting fellow Minneapolis mayoral candidate and current Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey had his eyes on a seat in Congress.

The job listing was posted last Wednesday on the left-leaning job board Wellstone Jobs. The listing was for a staff position for “Draft Jacob Frey for Congress” and has since been deleted.

Frey denied any connection to the listing, claiming it was created by opponents looking to discredit his image, painting him as an overambitious political climber.

The Star Tribune reached out to Hodge’s campaign manager Jorge Contreras who originally denied any connection to the listing. However, after further investigation Contreras admitted the email was sent by one of their campaign interns.

“I was wrong. One of our interns did send that email, without anybody’s permission, so yeah, it did come from us,” Contreras told the Star Tribune.

Contreras wouldn’t identify the intern, stating that he didn’t want to “throw anybody under the bus.”

The fake job listing wasn’t the only questionable source pushing Frey for Congress. Several Facebook and Twitter profiles were made over the past few weeks that also implied a congressional run. They have also been deleted. Frey told the Star Tribune that he is suspicious they are all connected in a plot to confuse his supporters.

Hodges acknowledged the incident in a Facebook post, apologizing to Frey and his team.

“That is not the kind of campaign I choose to run nor the kind of person I choose to be,” Hodges wrote.

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