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Our antiquated immigration system literally guarantees an entry visa to any immigrant’s brother‘s wife‘s father‘s sister. You read that right. All without any showing they would contribute meaningfully to America. The time to change this system is long overdue.

This week President Trump endorsed legislation in the Senate sponsored by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) that represents the first modernization of America’s immigration system since 1965. Currently half of all immigrants to this country are on welfare. Only one in 15 immigrants possesses a skill suitable for employment upon their entry.

Such a system is turning America into a Third World country. Suddenly, Americans are forced to deal with frequently backwards cultures, foisted upon them with no say from them, and are summarily bullied when they rightly point out the many problems this causes, not the least of which is lower wages for working class citizens.

“This competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak English, financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy,” Trump said. “The [legislation] prevents new migrants and new immigrants from collecting welfare, and protects U.S. workers from being displaced.”

Flooding America with cheap, unskilled labor is damaging to wages, especially for low income and working class Americans. This is true even as we face a genuine revolution in the workplace with the advent of robots and automation. More immigration is the last thing this country needs.

Both Canada and Australia use a similar “points based” system of immigration to ensure that from among the multitudes who want to move there, only the best and most competent, people worthy of being citizens of those nations, are admitted.

There is no serious argument that high skilled immigrants benefit the U.S. far more than low skilled ones. The United States has long been operating globally at a distinct competitive disadvantage. As Politico puts it “All these countries know something that the United States, to its detriment, has ignored for several decades: High-skill immigration is economically more profitable.” Noting the debate about immigration, it went on to observe: “Think about it: Would we be arguing so much about immigration if every American had benefited greatly from it?”

The Left and the media, to the extent there’s a difference these days, immediately went into paroxysms of rage. It was embarrassing to behold, even for these traditional America haters. The usual names were called but this time their bullying was more ineffective than usual. Countries have every right to put their own citizens’ interests first. Americans in both parties agree overwhelmingly. Even for these unhinged types, it’s a stretch to say Canada and Australia have got it wrong.

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Honest discussion of immigration in Minnesota virtually doesn’t exist. This is by design. Media here are mindlessly liberal, relentlessly open borders and frequently more ill-informed than their national counterparts, which takes some doing. Most political leaders are too timid to talk about its downsides for fear of being called, laughably, bigoted. Elites (a word that, frankly, really can’t be applied to anything in Minnesota) are still enraged that cultural Marxism was comprehensively rejected by America last fall. All these combine to create an oppressive, dishonest but forceful barrier to a candid discussion of our local reality.

That reality is that most recent immigrants to Minnesota are on welfare, possess few to little meaningful employment skills and show an aversion to cultural assimilation. The first two items are ignored by media while the latter is positively encouraged.

Backward, barbaric practices like female genital mutilation are given the least coverage possible. Neither the Star Tribune nor the Pioneer Press ran a single editorial about the subject. In this omission the local, agenda-driven press tells you who they are. They deserve mockery, if not contempt.

Social pathologies of various subgroups exist everywhere in Minnesota but are never explored in any depth. The narrative of America as a fundamentally flawed country that can only be redeemed by becoming a Third World country is too strong for the activist base of the Democratic Party to abandon. Add in a large measure of white self-loathing, as well as outright anti-white racism, and you have the dominance of the Regressive Left in the metro area. To explain this is to explode it.

Minnesota, like America, deserves only the best, highest quality immigrants, ones who love this country, and who share our values. It’s not only okay to say that, it’s imperative.

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In addition to Alpha News, John Gilmore is also a contributor to The Hill. He is the founder and executive director of Minnesota Media Monitor.™ He blogs at and is on Twitter under @Shabbosgoy

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter