INTERVIEW: Qualls confident he can win GOP endorsement

Qualls said that if he's elected governor, he will tackle the crime epidemic on day one.

Kendall Qualls meets with voters during a February event. (Photo courtesy of Kendall Qualls)

In early January, Minnesota saw another candidate enter the race for Minnesota governor — Kendall Qualls. Alpha News’s Andy Schmitt got a chance to sit down with Qualls for an exclusive interview.

Qualls stated that his campaign rests on three primary issues, the first being the crime epidemic in the Twin Cities and across the entire state of Minnesota. Qualls said that when he becomes governor, this prevalence of crime will “end day one.”

Second, Qualls discussed Minnesota’s status as one of the highest-taxed states in the nation and said this deters new businesses from opening in Minnesota.

His final point regarded the poor state of Minnesota’s public education system. He noted that in Minneapolis and St. Paul, black and Hispanic kids are graduating at a dismal rate of 50%.

Additionally, Qualls was asked about what he would have done if he were governor during the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed that Gov. Tim Walz’s response to the pandemic had less to do with the data and more to do with how other Democrats were handling the situation.



Andy Schmitt