Victim carjacked at gunpoint in Rosedale mall parking lot 

The suspect was using a vehicle that was carjacked from a woman at the Como Park Zoo on Feb. 6.

A victim was recently carjacked at gunpoint in at Rosedale mall. (Google Maps)

A person was carjacked at gunpoint in the parking lot of Rosedale mall Monday, according to police scanner audio reported on by Crime Watch Minneapolis.

Like many recent carjackings, the crime took place in the middle of the day.

The suspect was using a vehicle that was carjacked from a woman at the Como Park Zoo on Feb. 6, a source told Alpha News. In that incident, a 50-year-old woman was preparing to go snowshoeing in the park when she was approached by a young man who said he was lost.

A short time later, he demanded the woman’s keys and implied that he had a gun in his pocket. He fled the area in the woman’s gray Honda Pilot, which was then used in Monday’s carjacking in Roseville.

The Roseville Police Department declined to release any additional information on the carjacking because it is still under investigation.

Two teens also targeted a “shopping center in Roseville” during an 11-day crime spree last month. According to a criminal complaint, the teens approached a woman who was leaving “the mall” Jan. 9 and threatened to kill her. They pushed her to the ground and tried to steal her purse but fled when the victim called 911 from her watch.

Just minutes later, they targeted a woman in the same parking lot, and this time they got away with it. The woman was shoved to the ground as the teens stole her purse and cellphone.

A source confirmed with Alpha News that another carjacking took place Wednesday outside Granite City at the Rosedale mall.


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