Jason Lewis slams Smith’s endorsement of Omar and deceitful history of failing women

“Senator Tina Smith continues to prove that she is all in with the most radical members of the Democratic Party,” says Lewis. 

Ilhan Omar and Tina Smith

Senator Tina Smith, former Planned Parenthood’s Executive Vice President of External Affairs in Minnesota, has endorsed Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for re-election. 

U.S. Senate candidate Jason Lewis released the following statement critiquing the choices of Senator Tina Smith, the highest ranking former Planned Parenthood executive in U.S. politics, in her abdication of responsibility for the common good. Planned Parenthood has a long history of covering up their abuses of women. 

Additionally, Jason Lewis believes her political pitfalls for the state of Minnesota include the endorsement of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and “her continued silence on everything from the left’s push to abolish the police to Attorney General Keith Ellison’s statement that rape should not be responded to by the police.”

“Senator Tina Smith continues to prove that she is all in with the most radical members of the Democratic Party,” says Lewis. 

Commenting on the former abortion clinic executive’s actions, he said “just yesterday Tina Smith heartily endorsed Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who downplayed the 9/11 attacks as ‘some people did something’ and has a long history of controversial comments, including calls for abolishing the police as well as our economic system of free enterprise, not to mention ethical scandals.”

Lewis believes that an endorsement of Omar is an endorsement of the most radical and dangerous policies of the left that end up damaging individuals and communities, and “Tina Smith proudly gave her stamp of approval.”

However, Lewis does not wish to use vitriolic language and wants to “give Tina some credit, though.”

“After months of cowering in the basement,” he says, “at least she’s finally owning up to her radical, anti-American positions. Tina Smith’s ringing endorsement of Omar comes as little surprise given her affinity for the defund the police movement. When Tina Smith isn’t proclaiming there is something ‘dangerously wrong with the role police play in our society,’ she’s issuing intentionally vague statements on how we need to ‘reimagine policing.’” 

Accordingly, earlier this week, Tina Smith’s fellow ‘squad’ aficionado, Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison said police should not be responding to calls involving rape

As an elected representative tasked with ensuring that order and prosperity reign in a nation, to actually qualify rape as something that will not be protected against “is dangerous, insane, and puts women across Minnesota at risk” says Jason Lewis. 

“And where is Tina Smith?” Again when her constituents, especially women, look to her for guidance, “Smith should be condemning this proposal, but instead she is staying silent.”

“By refusing to condemn or even endorsing the most radical, anarchic, anti-American fringes in her party, Tina Smith has made it clear that she agrees with these dangerous proposals and does not care about the safety of her constituents,” Lewis concludes.

Alpha News Staff