Klassen: Students were arrested for being pro-life

This incident has highlighted the overwhelming hypocrisy that we all know exists on the left.

Last week, a group of student activists with Students for Life of America were arrested for writing “black pre-born lives matter” on the sidewalk outside of a Planned Parenthood in Washington, D.C.

They used chalk temporary, washable chalk on a public sidewalk. The streets in D.C. have been spray-painted, permanently marked, and even defaced by hundreds of leftists over the past few weeks, but some colored dust marks by pro-life students is the arrest-worthy offense.

After previously giving permission to other individuals to paint on the street, the mayor of D.C. never got back to the Students for Life of America group about its request to paint the streets. The police asked them to use temporary paint, but when the Students for Life activists showed up cop cars were everywhere. 

After marking the sidewalk with the message “black pre-born lives matter,” two members of the group were arrested. 

It is obvious what is happening here. Only certain messages are being tolerated. The D.C. government is clearly telling everyone that only certain opinions can be shared. If the mayor of D.C. really thought that black lives mattered, she would have no problem promoting the protection of unborn black lives. But no, that is not what she thinks. This was viewpoint discrimination plain and simple.

This incident has highlighted the overwhelming hypocrisy that we all know exists on the left; only certain viewpoints are tolerated and only certain lives matter. 

The students who were arrested are fighting their criminal charges and Student for Life of America is filing a lawsuit claiming that its First Amendment rights were violated. While these pro-life activists take to the courts to fight the good fight, what can the rest of us do? We need to use our voices to fight back!

As censorship grows both online, and now on the streets of our cities, we cannot afford to remain silent. We must use our voices, whatever it is we have left, to fight for the unborn. We cannot let the left get away with this behavior we cannot stand down. So share this story online and speak your mind, especially when it is unpopular. The pro-life community has always considered ourselves the voice for the voiceless, but now our voice is being threatened. Don’t let them take it away.



Grace Klassen