Large Minnesota Donors Receive Letter Asking to Hire “Bounty Hunters” to Stop “Nazi Trump”


Recently, an anti-Trump campaign fundraising letter was anonymously shared with Alpha News.  Signed by “Eric Michel, Dump Trump Campaign Coordinator,” with “Two Worlds Conservative Action Foundation” located in New York, New York, the letter announced a “Dump Trump NOW!” campaign.

dump trump letterhead

Referring to Trump as “der Führer” and claiming he “has continued to divide our party” and needs to be “cut off,” Mr. Michel offers a solution: “…bring in the bounty hunters.  The only way to bring him down is to force him to withdraw by exposing the hidden criminal secrets in his past…please act quickly and decisively by sending the biggest check you can muster today, at this very moment.” The letter writer continues by professing to have witnesses and documentation of Trump’s “criminal wrongdoing,” which he promises to “uncover and reveal” for $20 million; a donation of “$50,000 or more can make this happen in time to make a difference…”

dump trump hitler pic
Trump Rally photo placed in upper-right of fundraising letter.

Evidence suggests the letter is a scam.  After an extensive internet and FEC website search, no information on Two Worlds Conservative Action Foundation or any person named “Eric Michel” associated with said organization was discovered.  Another search of the PO Box 1244, 10276-1244 address uncovered one possible partial address match to a “Marijuana Anonymous” group in New York, NY.

dump trump hitler-page-001



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